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The 9 actors who were almost cast as an Avenger

by Sawongam

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been making the right choices, picking (sometimes not the best, but..) the right scripts, choosing the most suitable directors right from Jon Favreau to Ryan Coogler, not to miss the Jos Whedon era during the inception of Avengers characters and the reason director-duo, the Russo brothers.

The main thing that worked for the MCU is that they have the best gunslinger as the captain of the ship, Mr. Kevin Feige.

The common attribute that all the makers have in the Marvel Productions is that most of them (maybe all of them by now) are avid comic readers and Marvel fans. Even if they aren’t, Disney has had this policy to make each of their employees at Disneyland wear “Goof” costume or some of the Disney costumes on a workday just to grab the attention of guests. This might also have proved the Marvel Productions to make their technical staff read comics and get the plot clear. Ideologies such as this are what bring success in keeping the ship and the crew happy and interested in their work. Thus giving the results which most of the other productions can only desire.

(1) Tom Cruise as Iron Man.

These actors (Hugh Jackman, Nicholas Cage, and Sam Rockwell) were almost cast as Iron Man.

Everybody thought that Cruise as Iron Man was definitely gonna happen, apparently, Tom Cruise was planning on producing the movie as well but Tom Cruise lost interest in the project.

And we got one fine wine, a myth, a legend, the charismatic:

RDJ a.k.a Robert Downey Jr, who was the literally the best choice and perfect MCU cast, he IS Iron Man.

(2) Emily Blunt was almost cast as Black Widow and Peggy Carter.

I think that people were impressed by her performance in Edge of Tomorrow.

Emily Blunt couldn’t take up the Black Widow role due to her contract with The Devil Wears Prada and of course, the one and only Scarlett Johansson got the role.

Who undoubtedly made Black Widow irreplaceable.

Same goes to Peggy Carter, Emily couldn’t take up the role because of scheduling conflicts and the gorgeous, Hayley Atwell got the role.

(3) Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ant-man.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also considered for Star-Lord but he lost. Apparently, the close competition for Ant-man was between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd, Levitt turned down the role for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and of course the humorous Paul Rudd got it.

(4) Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye.

He couldn’t take up the role due to Supernatural scheduling conflicts and of course, Jeremy Renner got the role and made Hawkeye, the MCU meme fest.

(5) Morgan Freeman as The Ancient One.

He was the last pick for a male ancient one, he is the guy who played God so playing another wise character wouldn’t be much of a problem lol. But apparently, Tilda Swinton absolutely crushed the competition to become the Ancient One.

(6) Jim Carrey as Rocket Raccoon and Loki.

That’s a choice i’m a bit salty about, Jim was shortlisted for the both roles. I wanted to see Jim in a funny MCU role but it wasn’t meant to be.

Adam Sandler was also considered but of course, the charming Bradley Cooper got the role, the one who made the character his own and that’s something i can’t disagree with.

(7) Joaquin Phoenix as the Hulk and Doctor Strange.

When Marvel Studios were seeking a replacement for Edward Norton, his name came up but of course, it was just a rumor. He came close to playing Doctor Strange but ultimately turned down the role because of the movie genre. I mean he is a literal Joker so…

(8) Tom Hiddleston as Thor.

He was almost cast as Thor, he even did a screen-test for it.

But of course, he was chosen for Loki. What’s hilarious is that even Liam Hemsworth auditioned for the role. Thor’s brothers were trying to steal his role lol.

I gotta admit, i don’t think that we would have loved Loki as much as we do today if it wouldn’t have been for Tom Hiddleston’s glow.

(9) John Krasinski as Captain America.

Chris Evans is the guy that made me get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general, so for me he is irreplaceable as Captain America. John was about to get the role but he got a call from his agent and his agent said that Evans got the role. Instead of disagreeing, John was happy that Evans got the role and started to compliment Evans as Captain America.

Evans had to get rid of a lot of big names for Captain America:

  • John Krasinski, Jensen Ackles, Alexander Skarsgård, Channing Tatum, even Sebastian Stan, Wilson Bethel and much more. Will Smith and Sam Worthington were in talks to take on the role.

But in the end, Evans made the perfect Captain America in my opinion.

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