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Top Features of iOS 14 & Devices that will get iOS 14 update

by Sawongam

OS 14 is just a month away and here are all the confirmed features. The brand new iOS 14 will offer some really interesting updates, including new Home screen layout, Improved AR, and most possibly Multitasking. iMessage is expected to get some new features that you have already seen in apps like Snapchat. Here is a complete list of a new feature that iOS 14 will have. 

New Home Screen Layout

iOS 14 is going to have a brand new Home screen layout. You’ll still have all your icons and apps on the home screen but this layout will be accessed via the spotlight search. Home screen will be divided into different sections like recent apps, your favorites and series suggestions. 


Now apple is finally going to allow us to make widgets for the home screen so we’ll be able to make any stock application a widget and add that to your home screen.

Improved AR 

The most significant new feature Apple is going to be adding to iOS 14 is a new app called Gobi this app will let you read different barcodes via AR and turn them into different things. Let’s say you scan the rogue one barcode that will take you to the movie inside iTunes store and if you scan the Star bucks card that will show you the menu in the store right there. Apple is also testing their own barcode system. In my opinion this new app is going to make AR even better for iOS.


Now you can finally expect apple to give us multitasking in iOS 14 and make the apps which are more like the iPad OS. You’ll be able to see all your apps in one go and killing them and navigation will be way easier in iOS 14. 

New features for iMessage

iMessages will also get a bunch of new features in iOS 14. Just like snapchat you will be able to tag and mention a particular person in a group chat and have a chat directly right there. You’ll also be able to delete a message and retract it. The other person will know you deleted it but you’ll have the ability to do so. You’ll be also able to mark a message as read or unread in iOS 14 in iMessages.

Custom default Apps

 Remember when you open a link in YouTube and it takes you to Safari and not google chrome. Well with iOS 14 you’ll be able to change what default apps you set. For example you can set Google Chrome as your default browser and Gmail as your default email client and that is great.


 Accessibility is also bound to get a bunch of new features. You’ll be able to see hand gestures or detect sounds like a fire alarm or a door knock and convert them into a message for people with hearing loss. 


Apple may also add a bunch of new features to the wallpaper section so just like how you can toggle between dark mode and change the wallpaper all together. You’ll be able to change it into a blur or a dim wallpaper by toggling those switches. Apple is finally going to allow us to download third-party wallpapers right inside the settings and that is pretty great.


iCloud keychain will include a new feature. Whenever you make a new password and you reuse an old one it’ll warn you and say that no you’re using a password you already have. Make a different one. Not only that there’s going to be a new feature that lets you generate two-step verification codes and enter them right inside your iCloud keychain.

iOS 14 Release Date

The most important detail of all that is the release date.  Now every single year Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is held on the first Monday, but this year Apple has shifted to the fourth Monday on the 22nd of June and that is when we’ll see iOS 14 for the developers.

Which devices will get iOS 14 updates?

Every Apple device that had iOS 13 in it will get the iOS 14 update. The list of devices that will get iOS 14 update includes iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone SE,iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2020 and iPod Touch seventh generation. So if you have the old iPhone like 6s the 7 even the iPad Air 2 you will get iOS 14. Apple has kept these devices running for almost five years and that is just great. 

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