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7 Tips for saving your Laptop Battery Life

by Sangam Adhikari

Watching movies, listening to music, gaming, chatting, and browsing like this are all readily accessible on your laptop. If your laptop doesn’t give you enough battery back up, it doesn’t matter if it’s setup or cost, there won’t be any difference between a desktop and a laptop, either of which you’ll need to stick to a wall socket.
So here are some tips to expand your battery life.

1. Close Extra Running Programs

Try to keep the programs to a minimum. It is estimated that every program opened drains the battery a little more.

2. Do Not Overcharge

Do not overcharge your battery charge up to 85% and drain up to 15%. Unplug the charger when not in use.

3. Unplugged unused peripherals

Unplugged on external devices like a mouse, USB & other accessories. Also, using Wi-Fi drains your battery, so turn it off, when you do not use it, to save power.

4. Cleaning the battery

Clean the battery contacts. It is recommended that you should take out your battery every 6 months and clean the contacts that are connected to your laptop. You can clean a battery by making use of a cloth along with rubbing alcohol.

5. Initiate battery saver mode

You can also open the power options of your laptop and change its settings like maximum battery, supper energy saver or any other forms of it. But you can choose any of the options that all of them used to perform the same task.

It is recommended that if you used to choose a standby option, then you should choose the hibernate option. This is because; hibernate fully shuts down the laptop, but also allows it to resume the work as an when it is turned on.

6. Upgrade to SSD

It is recommended that you swap out your hard drive for a solid-state drive if you don’t already have one. These drives operate on flash memory, which requires far less power to operate than a mechanical hard drive. While it is not a huge improvement, an SSD has other benefits. Your computer will run much faster since it will be able to access files quickly. You might save laptop battery power just because you’ll be able to get things done quicker, too.

7. Upgrade RAM

Make sure it has enough RAM to do your tasks. If a computer can store information in your RAM rather than on the hard drive, it will. This is a faster way to retrieve data, and also keeps your hard drive from operating as much, which significantly drains your battery.

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