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Mac keyboard hacks that will save you time

by Sangam Adhikari

Apple’s MacBooks are the perfect portable computers for individuals who like working on the go. Like other Macs, MacBooks feature top-tier hardware paired with the super-optimized computer operating system, macOS.

There are two major variants of the device available, namely the Air and the Pro. As the name suggests, the Air packs in light-yet-powerful features, whereas the Pro is all about maxed-out features.

According to Apple, the new M1 chips that the latest MacBooks contain are the most powerful chips that the company has ever built. Thanks to the top-notch software-hardware combination, the MacBook can perform numerous actions. The device’s keyboard, in particular, can do a lot more than just type.

Here are some things that Mac’s keyboard is capable of doing that users don’t much about:

Take Customized Screenshots

Taking screenshots has become a part of everyone’s daily lives as it is a great way of capturing and sharing information with other people. Even though everyone knows how to capture a full screen, many users still do not know how to capture only a certain section of the screen.

Using your MacBook’s keyboard, you can take a customized screenshot of your screen with ease. All you need to do is press the “Command,” “Shift,” and “4” keys together and drag the portion whose screenshot you want to take. Doing so will conveniently facilitate you to capture only the required section of the screen. 

Perform Different Actions By Using the Function Keys

Even though Mac’s function keys are not very popular among the masses, they can help you perform numerous actions. Mac users can even customize the F keys according to their preferences.

There are 12 F keys, and each of them performs a specific function by default. For instance, you can increase and decrease the brightness by pressing the F2 and F1 keys, respectively. Similarly, you can use the F4 key to open the Launchpad and the F10 key to mute or unmute audio. Besides the native capabilities of the function keys, you can also use third-party applications like Mouseless to enhance their functionalities.

The application educates users about all the available shortcuts and helps them practice the shortcuts across different applications and utilities.

Close Safari Windows

Most Mac users use macOS’ in-built Safari browser as their daily driver for browsing the Internet, checking emails, consuming content, etc. Safari is very easy to operate, and opening and closing the app is also very convenient.

However, there may be instances when you need to close the window abruptly. In this case, navigating to the close button at the top of the screen might seem time-consuming.

Hence, macOS offers users an effective keyboard shortcut using which they can quickly shut a Safari window. You can quickly close a Safari window by pressing the “Command” and “Q” keys together. It is a very beneficial trick for those who like working with multiple Safari windows.

Write an Email Directly

The Mail application of macOS is widely regarded as one of the best tools for viewing and sending emails. It features a simple interface that facilitates users to operate the app conveniently.

If you use the application for managing emails, there is a keyboard hack that allows you to directly start composing an email, i.e., without manually opening the application and navigating to the “Compose” section. By pressing the “Command,” “Shift,” and “I” keys together, you can jump directly to the compose section and start writing your email.

This keyboard trick on the Mac enhances the user’s experience and significantly adds to their convenience.

Switch Between Open Applications

Besides being powerful portable machines, MacBooks are also popular for multitasking. They offer seamless multitasking functionalities that make it hassle-free for users to work on two or more tasks simultaneously. MacBooks make multitasking easier by offering a top-tier keyboard feature that allows users to switch between multiple applications instantly.

For instance, if someone is watching a tutorial on setting up an application on Safari and trying to implement the steps shown in the video simultaneously, the shortcut makes juggling both tasks hassle-free. By holding the “Command” key and then pressing the “Tab” key, the native App Switcher pop-up appears, using which you can switch between active apps. Holding the command key opens the App Switcher, and pressing the tab moves the selection marker to different apps.

Once the marker lands on the app you wish to switch to, stop pressing the tab button, and the application will get opened. It is a great feature for users who are used to multitasking on different applications. 

The MacBook’s keyboard offers tons of shortcuts and tricks that users can implement to make using their device effortless. Using the keyboard hacks mentioned above, you can enhance your productivity and use your MacBook to the best of its capabilities. 

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