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The 5 Creepiest Website on the Internet You never head of

by Sangam Adhikari

As we know, the Internet is full of Dark and Terror. There are millions of websites around the Internet and A Normal people only know about 0.1% of the total Sites.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the Creepiest Websites we know.

Please note that We are not going to mention the Gore sites and it’s similar websites.

1. CreepyPasta (Paranormal Stories)


CreepyPasta is a website established in 2008 with paranormal stories and original horror fiction. A “creepypasta” is a short piece of horror fiction. The name is a play on the 4chan slang of “copypasta” when the creepypasta meme first began, there was a set group of pasta that tended to get shared over and over.

2. Plane Crash Info (Recording of People’s final talk before Crash)

This website has mp3 transcriptions of passengers screaming and panicking moments before their planes crash. It’s pretty dark stuff, to say the least.

3. Death Date (Tells you when you’ll die)

Listening to that clock tick is just morbid.

4. Staggering Beauty (Mysterious worm based website)

This is one of those sites that just exists for the sake of existing. There’s a strange, unexplained black worm that follows your mouse and starts raving if you move too fast. It’s weird and off-putting.

5. Dong Ghost (An online comic for those who like jump scares)

This Korean comic translated to English is pretty scary, especially considering it’s kind of interactive.

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