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Public Transport System in Pokhara city of Nepal

by Anderson Spencer

There are public buses running to almost every corner of Pokhara. Driving speed in Nepal is very slow, about 20–25 kph in Pokhara by Local Bus. Bus fare is very cheap. It starts from Nepalese Rupees 15. You can go up to 2–3 km by Rs 15. For each addition distances of around 2–3 km, Rs 5 is added. It means, with around USD 1.5, you can use the public bus for the whole day in Pokhara.

Being a tourist you might want to know destinations of local buses from Lakeside and sightseeing locations, trekking locations, Tourist bus station, and local bus stations.

From Pokhara Tourist bus park (there is only one), at the distance of exact 100 mtrs, there is a location called Rastra Bank Chowk where you can catch a local bus to the lakeside (The central tourist hub). To reach Rastra Bank Chowk, please get to the main road from the tourist bus park. Now face in the direction so that the Bus Park will be at your Right Hand Side and then move for 100 mtrs. Bus fare is Rs 15.00 as per 2019. The first hotel of Lakeside is at the distance of 600 mtrs of Tourist Buspark. The bus finally stops at Barahi Chowk Bus station, Lakeside taking around 5–7 minutes passing 100s of hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, ATMs, shops…. at the same fair. If you want to walk to Lakeside, please go on straight by crossing the 4-way junction at Rastra Bank Chowk.

Local vehicles are not available between Barahi Chowk and Hallan Chowk, Lakeside (700 mtrs).

At Hallanchowk there is a next bus stop. Buses leaving from Hallan chowk move along Nareshwor, Jarebar, Zero Km, Srijana Chowk, Sabhagriha Chowk and turns left towards New Road and stop at BP Chowk (near Chipledhunga). They depart around every 10 minutes. If you want to go trekking, you have to get off at Zero Km (10–15 mins drive, Rs 15–20) and catch a next local bus to Hari Chowk (10–15 mins drive, Rs 15–20) which will move through Prasyang, Baglung Bus park, Bindyabasini. You will get more frequent buses from here than from Local Buspark called (Baglung Bus park/ New Bus park). You can get buses to Nayapul (2hrs drive) or Kande (1 hr 20 mins drive) or Phedi (50 mins drive) or Milanchowk (30 mins drive) from Hari Chowk. All these locations are major trek starting locations for Annapurna Region and are in the same highway.

Buses that depart from Barahi Chowk move towards Gaurighat, Ambot, Shahid Chowk, Rastra Bank Chowk, Nepal Tourism Board’s Office (where you can issue trekking permit and TIMS card), Damside, Birauta, Mustang Chowk, Airport, Prithwi Chowk, Sabhagriha Chowk, New Road, BP Chowk, Mahendrapul, Nadipur, Bagar, Batulechaur and finally to Mahendra Cave. It takes around an hour for this bus to reach Mahendra cave from Lakeside. It returns back the same way. This bus reaches to important locations for tourists. I will tell you how to reach sightseeing places using this public bus.

For Devis falls, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave: Please drop at Birauta and catch at Bus to Chhorepatan. They are on the way very close to each other. Two buses will take you half an hour in total to reach there.

For World Peace Pagoda: You can walk a little ahead to Chhorepatan from Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave and catch a local bus. Buses are not frequent to World Peace Pagoda.

For International mountain museum: You can get down at Birauta and move on feet.

For Bindyabasini Temple, you can drop at Prithwi Narayan Campus gate and walk for around 5–6 minutes to the temple.

For Seti Goerge, you can walk around 10 minutes to Seti Goerge from Bindyabasini Temple. If you do not want to visit Bindyabasini temple, you can get off at Bagar Bus Station and walk a minute to Seti Goerge.

For the Gorkha Museum, you can do the same. Seti Goerge and Gorkha Museum are very close. You can drop for Bindyabasini temple, Seti Goerge and Museum at the same location.

For Mahendra cave, the bus stops at the gate of Cave. If you drop for Seti Goerge/ Museum, you can catch a bus for the main road outside. All the local buses do not go to Mahendra cave. Please ask before you get on the bus. It takes nearly 15 minutes to reach Mahendra cave. Some buses go even further to Mahendra cave, but not the one that departs from Lakeside.

For Bat Cave, please drop at Mahendra cave and walk for nearly 10 minutes.

Regarding Local Bus park: There are 2 local bus parks. If you come from Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan and many other parts you will arrive bus park at Prithwi Chowk. Please walk to the round about without crossing road after getting off the bus, turn left and walk about 50 mtrs ahead without crossing road. You can find a local bus to Lakeside which moves along Airport, Rastra Bank Chowk, Ambot, Gaurighat to Barahi Chowk. If your hotel is in Northern Part of Lakeside, you can catch a local bus to Hallanchowk. For this, you can walk straight to the Round About (Main Junction) without crossing the road and then cross the main road once at the Junction. Go on straight to Sabhagriha chowk where you can find a local bus to Hallanchowk, Lakeside (15 mins drive) along Srijana Chowk, Zero Km, Jarebar. Some buses even go further than Hallanchowk towards Khahare up to Sedi.

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