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TyphoonLabs Review 2021: A US-based IPTV service providing over 1500 Channels

by Sangam Adhikari

IPTV offers internet-based television services such as video-on-demand, live TV, and, most significantly, catch-up feature, which allows you to record live TV streaming and watch it later.

Choosing IPTV providers is a challenging undertaking because the market is flooded with them, and their quality varies greatly. As a result, readers should rely on credible reviews and researchers to save time and trouble.

As for why, We’ve decided to write a review of Typhoon Labs, a new self premised IPTV brand.

Typhoon Labs

TyphoonLabs is a US-based premium streaming service that provides more than 1500 channels. Their server offers excellent speed and improves the streaming experience in your device with their own standalone app.

They provide a multifaceted range of premium channels ranging from Sports and PPV channels from the most reputable leagues such as NBA, MLS, UFC, and MLB to various Local channels.

Up to 5 Simultaneous Stream

Yes, you got that right: 5 simultaneous streams for the same price as other IPTV service providers. Typhoon Labs provides 5 simultaneous connections with no geographical or IP restrictions for the same price as other IPTV services that only provide one connection.

If you have a large family or want to share your connections with friends and family, this could be the best option for you.

Compatibility with Devices

Typhoon Labs uses their very own native app called ‘TyphoonTV’ hence you can run the service in almost every device supporting Android OS.

The following is a table of devices that are compatible with Typhoon Labs:

Android devicesGoogle TV
Android TVAndroid Box

TyphoonTV App

The most unique thing about Typhoon Labs is their app, which can be downloaded from their website easily on any device based on android. You don’t need to sign up for a trial from the site anymore, You can simply download the app, register with your name and gmail, try it for 2 days, If you like the service you can just purchase subscription through the app. There is no hassle of contacting Customer Support and waiting for their reply.

They also got very detailed tutorial on how to use their app, which is very helpful if you’re not tech enthuastic.

TV Channels

TyphoonTV provides over 1500 channels from the United States, including all sports, PPV, news, and local channels. Throughout our testing period, the channel quality was excellent and consistent.

If you enjoy Sports, Typhoon Labs is ideal for you because it gives you access to a variety of sporting events and you will no longer be limited to the number of channels provided by your local network provider. They provide Sports Channel covering all over the world.

You can check out the channel lists they provide from here.

VODs – Movies & TV Series

As of now, We live in the world ruled my VOD apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, IPTV are somewhence above them when it comes to providing VOD content specially interms of price.

Typhoon Labs’ VOD content is included in the main package, and you can choose from thousands of Movies and Series. They update the content on a regular basis based on trending topics, which is exceptional for cinephiles.

EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)

The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is a online TV guide that serves the same function. A list of television networks and their respective show, sports, and movie timeslots can be found quickly. You’ll see show names, dates, and descriptions, and you can start watching a TV show online by clicking on its name.

Typhoon provides EPG for all the channels including Local TV and premium channels, as well as sports. You can see what’s playing now or later, just like a TV guide.

You can even set a notification for a specific program, and the app will notify you when it airs.

Plans and Packages

The pricing plans are simple and straightforward. You can only use your subscription upto 5 devices at a time starting for $15 a month which is a great deal if you ask us.

Package1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year

Free Trial

As discussed before, you can sign up for a trial from within the app. The trial period lasts 48 hours.

Payment Methods

The payments methods are Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Customer Support

One of the best features about Typhoon Labs is their Customer Support. They offer 24/6 Live Customer Support from their website. The Customer Support is very polite and response promptly.


  • No-IP Restriction
  • 24/6 Customer Support
  • USA Sports and PPV Events
  • Live TV and Premium Movies
  • No hassle for payments and renews
  • Multiple Devices connection (up to 5 Devices)
  • No Lag, Freeze & 99% Uptime guarantee


  • Based on USA only
  • Supports Android Platform only
  • Only accepts Credit/Debit Cards for payment

Final Verdict

Typhoon Labs, a USA-based IPTV provider, is unquestionably one of the best services available in the provided location, with a good selection of high-quality channels, consistent service, and a sturdy EPG experience.

To recap, TyphoonLabs is a reasonable solution if you’re a family man looking for a dependable IPTV service with multiple connections or a sports fanatic who enjoys watching every game.

Disclaimer: All IPTV Services might not be legal and whether it’s illegal for users to watch IPTV is down to individual countries’ laws . So, Always check IPTV legality and your country's laws and regulations before buying the subscription. This article doesn't promote or encourage viewers to buy Illegal IPTV Services.

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