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FalconTV – An authentic IPTV Service Provider you should try

by Sangam Adhikari

IPTV service providers are becoming a larger and more cosmopolitan group. Every day, new entities are being added taking them to new heights which brings a large number of services to choose from.

If you are looking for a streaming service that is reliable, buffer-free, compatible, and affordable then, you’ve might have landed in the right place.

Today, We’ll be talking about FalconTV, a reputable IPTV service that has been providing service for more than one year.


FalconTV offers over 3000 live TV channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, India, Arabia, and many more countries.

It provides channels from every category like News, Sports, Entertainment, Documentaries, Comedy, Drama, Religious Shows, Kids, Adults, and much more with all PPV Events. It provides over 40,000 VOD content with Movies and Series, from different parts of the world, updated on regular basis.

Compatibility with Devices

Many people have run into issues with device compatibility as most IPTV services only support a limited number of devices, with FalconTV this is not the case. FalconTV has done an amazing job in providing the best, as it is compatible with a variety of devices, including:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Android box
  • Smart TV
  • Android Devices
  • Windows PC (Via Emulator)

So, there will be no issue of compatibility. Also, The Installation procedure of all the devices mentioned above is explained briefly on their FAQs Page.

Up to 3 Simultaneous Stream

FalconTV, unlike most providers and some providers who charge extra for additional devices, allows you to use up to three devices at the same time without any additional charge, which is one of the awesome advantages of the FalconTV.

It does not lock your IP address, allowing you to watch from anywhere in the world on any device.

User Interface

FalconTV uses the Netgo app to deliver its services. When it comes to the user interface, it is very clean and simple, and it can be used by people of almost any age group.

The switching of Live TV Channels is much more fluid and straightforward. The EPG functionality is spot-on; it supports the widest range of channels, and the TV Guide’s interface is quite impressive.

Live TV

It’s time to discover FalconTV-most appealing feature. There are over 3000 TV channels available. You can find a stunning list of 3195 channels that they stream here.

It has over 250 channels from the United States, including news, local, travel, movies, and sports. The same categories can be found on over 150 UK channels.

The sports section has over 500 channels, allowing you to watch everything from local to international sports. As a result, there is a wide range of sports to choose from when compared to the others.

FalconTV offers a good selection of channels in terms of content. As part of their commitment to providing services globally, they have an extensive library from the United States and the United Kingdom, with multiple mirror streams for movies, sports broadcasting in HD, and even FHD.

They also have the same extensive library for Canada, Spain, Arabia, India, Vietnam, and many other countries.

The video and streaming quality are both excellent. With VOD features, you can get 2800+ HD quality and high FPS channels. Furthermore, FalconTV allows you to watch three streams at once. As a result, you can get the most out of your subscription.

VODs – Movies & Series

With regular updates, you can get even more out of the 40,000 VOD. These movies cover a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, science fiction, romance, horror, fantasy, family, children, and many others. You can easily play any of the movies by selecting one of them, and it will start playing in a matter of seconds.

They also have a large selection of TV shows. You can watch your favorite series at any time, in any season, and in any episode.

One of the things I like about FalconTV’s VOD is that they let you request specific movies and series. You can request any movies or series you’d like to be added to the FalconTV VOD service, and they will be added shortly.

Subscription Plans and Packages

Customer Support24/724/724/7
Price$20 (USD)$40 (USD)$70 (USD)

FalconTV Services’ subscription pricing is something about which I have reservations. They charge $20 for a one-month subscription, which is a bit pricey; however, if you go for three months, the price drops to $13.

In terms of cost, I believe it is justified because they provide the highest quality service.

Payment Methods

They currently accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency, debit cards, and credit cards.

Free Trial

They offer a 3 Days Free Trial Service. You don’t need any Credit/Debit Card for the trial.

Customer Support

FalconTV has 24/7 Customer Support on its website. I find the customer support pretty much forthright and helpful. They also have a community where you can discuss any issues you encountered.

Final Verdict

In summary, I would say the pros are a wide range of channels, excellent stability and I experienced no buffering or downtime during my assay. The customer service was outstanding, and the community support was an added bonus.

FalconTv is currently one of the best IPTV service providers in the world and a top-notch choice if you are planning on switching to IPTV. It will be hard to sort out any errors made by this service because their efforts and work have been proven in the market with pocket-friendly subscription packages, you can connect up to three different streaming devices, You might consider giving them a try.

Disclaimer: All IPTV Services might not be legal and whether it’s illegal for users to watch IPTV is down to individual countries’ laws . So, Always check IPTV legality and your country's laws and regulations before buying the subscription. This article doesn't promote or encourage viewers to buy Illegal IPTV Services.

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