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Episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S directed by David Schwimmer

by Sangam Adhikari

David Schwimmer, one among the star of the evergreen television program F.R.I.E.N.D.S, had always been curious about the Direction a part of work, and he even got the prospect to direct his first episode in season 6.

Apart from ‘Friends’, David Schwimmer has 10 more credits on his name as a director like TrustAmericana, even he has directed two episodes of Joey.

Here is that the list of 10 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S directed by David Schwimmer.

1. The One on the Last Night (S6E6 – 1999)

Theme: Joey is Broke but won’t accept help from his friends so Chandler creates a game and let him win(Later in the episode you get to know that Joey loses it to Ross :p ).

2. The One with Rachel’s Assistant (S7E4- 2000)

ThemeBy the name of the episode you can guess what the episode is about, still let me give you a quick reminder. Rachel wants to hire a new Assistant. Qualifications: A cute male :p

3. The One with Ross’ Library Book (S07 E07)

ThemeRoss finds out the section where his dissertation book is placed, is the famous spot “The fifth floor with the back wall” for students.

4. The One with All the candy. (S7E9-2000)

Theme: The episode is about Monica’s Homemade Candy, and yeah I almost forgot this is the episode where Pheobe learns to ride a bicycle :p.

5. The One with the Truth About London (S7E16–2001)

ThemeThis is the episode where Chandler finds out how much of his life has been changed just by being at someplace in London at the right time, Chandler, for the love of God!!! it was you, not any luck, you idiot.

6. The One with the Red Sweater (S8E2–2001)

ThemeGuess Who is the Father of Rachel’s Baby?

7. The One with the Stripper (S8E8-2001)

ThemeRachel tells her father about her pregnancy and who is responsible for putting her into that situation. Monica accidentally hires a hooker for Chandler.

8. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel (S8E12 -2002)

ThemeLike a rehearsal dinner for a wedding, Rachel took Joey to a rehearsal date to prepare him for a date that he can not blow.

9. The One with Pheobe’s Birthday Dinner (S9E5-2002)

Theme“Dinner for six for one”.

10. The One with the Birth Mother (S10E9–2004)

Theme“Nervous and excited, Chandler and Monica travel to Ohio to meet a pregnant woman who is considering allowing them to adopt her child when it’s born.”

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