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Top 5 URL Shorteners with no Ads & Captcha

by Sangam Adhikari

It’s normal for link shorteners to show ads to able to pay you for using their service, without ads no URL Shortener can afford to pay money because if they won’t earn then how they spend cash?

What if you want to share links to your Friend/Teachers or Relatives with no intention to earn money by showing annoying ads and Popups?

In this article, We will be presenting you some famous and simple to use Link Shorteners whose intention are to short your link without any Popups and Ads and Of course don’t require Registration/Sign Up and any other knowledge.

1. Cutt.ly

Cutt.ly allows a free URL Shortening with advanced links tracking and link management platform & API. Shorten and replace long URLs with short links and track your links easily. Use it to affiliate programs, ads, social websites, emails, text messages, flyers with QR codes.
Website Link: https://cutt.ly

2. Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc allows you to change a big URL into a customizable tiny URL without having to register an account. It also has decent link editing and management after creation, detailed click statistics, QR Codes, and much more.
Website Link: https://tiny.cc

3. Urlday.com

Urlday.com is an absolutely free and unlimited URL shortener service with no ads, no redirect latency and on top of that, you get free access to our API for developers. You can use it for personal or commercial purposes.
Website Link: https://urlday.com

4. Bit.do

You can use the service with your own domain, customize the characters at the end of your links, get real-time statistics and even see which countries your clicks are coming from. You can use this service with or without an account.
Website Link: https://bit.do

5. Blnk.in

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Blnk.in is a free online tool for converting any web URL to shortcode within seconds. It can measure the visitor’s details, location, referred links extra through web link tracking. You can also create short links with your brand name like wa.me through your free account.
Website Link: https://blnk.in

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