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Which Is Better In Delivery – Dhl Or Fedex?

by Jais Frank

As a retailer you will have to choose a carrier, to ship items to your customers. There aren’t many options to choose from and if it was it would have been a tedious job to do. 

We know of three basic choices in this shipping industry: DHL, FedEx, UPS.

But we will only focus on the first two because we are going to discuss the better option among these two. 

These giants have been in the business for quite a long time now, and their services are what depends on, do, and will. They have transported millions of parcels all around the world. 

Yet, people ask about their weaknesses and strengths, they want the right judgment to choose and understand the better one. Doesn’t matter who is better but there is one common flaw which is the delivery delay. 

In this article, we will be talking about DHL and FedEx elaborately, so that you can choose a career that suits your business. 


DHL was founded in America and now it is a part of Deutsche Post. The shipping company is known to be the largest and active logistics company in the world. Their international game is by far the strongest. DHL is the only carrier that delivers to North Korea. 

Headquarter: Bonn, Germany

It delivers more than 1.3 billion parcels each year

Services By DHL 

The shipping company provides a range of services to help out customers to get what they have ordered. It is not possible for anyone to pick up a parcel from another country.

Non-fright services offered by DHL are

  1. DHL Sameday Sprint line.
  2. DHL express 10:30 domestic. 
  3. DHL express 9:00 domestic.
  4. DHL express 12:00 domestic. 
  5. DHL express 18:00 domestic. 
  6. DHL express easy.

DHL’s late delivery is an exception.


It is a multinational corporation in America and holds most planes on its fleet: 670. 

In its early days as a pioneer, FedEx introduced an overnight shipping service that could track packages and provide real location updates. Now FedEx provides its journey in 220 countries and territories as well. 

Headquarter: Memphis, Tennessee. 

In the US FedEx pick, drop, and ship over 50,000 locations. 

Services By FedEx

FedEx offers several types for non-freight shipments, in the US.

  1. FedEx same day.
  2. FedEx same day city.
  3. FedEx first overnight.
  4. FedEx priority overnight. 
  5. FedEx standard overnight. 
  6. FedEx 2dat am.
  7. FedEx 2day.
  8. FedEx express saver.
  9. FedEx Ground.
  10. FedEx home delivery. 
  11. FedEx Smartpost.

Which One Is Better:  DHL or FedEx?

Since this article is for people who want to compare DHL and FedEx, here we go. 

Both of the shipping carriers have their own shipping solutions. 


  1. Overnight delivery FedEx has been rated the one for overnight deliveries, especially domestic delivery.
  2. Shipping rates- DHL charges less than FedEx.
  3. Member programs- DHL offers Bonus Program while FedEx offers a flat discount.
  4. International support- Both of them offer great international service support.
  5. International Shipping Support- Both of them offer customer insurance upto 100 dollars as well as flat-rate insurance values at 100 to 300 dollars. 

Advantages of DHL

  • Huge presence in almost 220 countries.
  • They Have air delivery services.
  • They Have sea delivery services.
  • They do door-to-door delivery.
  • They ask for no pickup fees.
  • You can approach the international help desk.
  • They provide e-commerce services for merchants. 

Disadvantages of DHL 

  • They focus on the U.S mostly 
  • They ask for extra charges or surcharges

Advantages of FedEx 

  • They provide insurance coverage over packages
  • They provide discounts
  • They provide a tracking number to track the item
  • They provide in-person service 
  • They ship up to 150lbs
  • They deliver on weekends

Disadvantages of FedEx

  • They limit their pick up and drop off locations
  • They charge customers pick up fees for one-time shipment 
  • They have service based on pickups
  • They have a restricted assortment for free packaging 
  • They generally charge high for shipping


Q1: Are Both DHL And FedEx The Same?

A: No, they are different from each other as logistics companies, but they do the same work, that is shipping. 

Q2: Are DHL And FedEx Both Good For International Packages?

A: Yes, both of them do international shipping, but DHL is cheaper than FedEx. 

The Bottom Line 

Ultimately you will decide which one to choose because obviously, you will do it as per your business needs. 

Study your business properly and then make a decision. Don’t just read this article and make up your mind, read this and then ask yourself which one you need for your business. 

Leave a comment below in the comment section, if you have finally made a decision. 

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