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What is the Dark Web and How dangerous it can be?

by Sangam Adhikari

The Deep Web is roughly analogous to the submerged portion of an iceberg. It is, quite simply, the uncatalogued areas of the Internet. Consider that most websites have a publicly visible front end—the login/signup screen to Netflix, for example. Behind this front end is a lot of stuff that you do not see or cannot access until you’ve authenticated through the front end. Again, Netflix is a really good example… the front end is a very basic webpage, but the amount of data contained within Netflix is enormous! You can also think of it as the commercial areas of any city. As you drive down the street, you see all of the storefronts, but the vast majority of what goes on with these businesses is happening in the back areas that are not accessible to customers.

The Dark Web lives within the Deep Web. It is as any sort of Internet-based user interface that utilizes specialized software, not part of any established standard, to create networked connections.

Consider that everything you do on the Internet is based on long-established standards. There are dozens of different web browsers across several different platforms (i.e. Windows, Linux, iOS), but they ALL work the same way. They all use the same ports and protocols to request, transfer, and view data on the Internet.

Now consider for a moment, the real-world example of a business that is run by the mob. There is a store that is a real, fully operating store that anyone can walk into and shop from. But then there is the back of the store where other things are happening. It may be criminal in nature, or it may simply be a place where people can have a conversation that will not be monitored by anyone else. In order to get into the back area of the store, you need to say a password to the guy working in the front. Well, this is really all the Dark Web is. You use special software, such as TOR (The Onion Router) or Freenet which creates these non-standard connections and allows you to browse around (often using your regular browser which is modified to work on the Dark Net). These Dark Net applications are also heavily focused on keeping you absolutely anonymous.

Can You get kidnapped for Surfing a Dark Web? If you create a TAILS live CD and use it to browse around on the Dark Web, and you are not looking for anything illegal, then you are pretty much as safe as you would be anywhere else on the Surface Web. On the other hand, if you simply install TOR on your PC, and then go browsing around Dark Web sites which feature drugs, guns, hitmen-for-hire, or illegal pornography, then at a minimum, you may end up with a nasty virus on your computer. Or, in the worst case, you end up with some uninvited and very unwanted guests at your front door.

So, It is not really safe to browse the dark web (Considering You live in a Top-Notch country like the US where even Torrenting is Illegal)but it is not that dangerous either, you just need to be sure about not letting your personal information into wrong hands. The Government might be constantly tracking down the illegal operations on the dark and deep web and sometimes even the innocent get caught. The ISPs and Government agencies too keep a track on what the people are accessing on the internet. Even ignoring these facts one should not visit these websites as there’s a lot of content that can hurt you such as live killings (a few ISIS videos are also present), child abuse and many more

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