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10 Jokes that went largely unnoticed by the audience in the Friends TV series

by Sangam Adhikari

Friends TV Series is full of Jokes and Sarcasm you can’t even Count. However, there are also many Jokes we don’t actually get it. So, We’ve collected the best 10 Jokes and Sarcasm in the Friends TV Series that you might haven’t noticed or understood.

1. The one with Joey’s interview

Rachel is trying to solve the crossword in Soap Opera Digest magazine and sees that Joey is the answer to one of the clue. Joey takes the magazine from Rachel and reads –“ Three down, Days Of Our Lives star blank Tribbiani. That’s me!! I’m blank!!

Well many might not know that Joey’s real name is Matt Le”Blanc”

2. The one with Ross’s new Girlfriend

Chandler needs a tailor and Joey tells him to visit his tailor Frankie. Joey tells him that he has been going to him since forever and the first pants he did for him was in 1990. He is not able to calculate how old he was then and ask everyone when was 1990.

Then Chandler comes to him and says – “You have to stop the Q-Tip when there is resistance.” The Q-Tip is a brand of cotton swabs that are used to clean the ears. What Chandler meant that Joey should clean his ears carefully as he seems to damage his brain.

3. The one with the baby shower

In Rachel’s Baby shower, Rachel’s mom tells Rachel to get a nanny like they had when Rachel was young. Rachel tells her mother that she taught Rachel some good Spanish and she still remembers – Tu madre es loca!” Her mother agrees and says that she was a sweet woman.

In Spanish, tu madre es loca means “your mother is crazy”.

4. The One With the Girl from Poughkeepsie

Ross met a girl that lived in Poughkeepsie. He is sorry that she lives that far, but he finds her being great.

Chandler: How can she be great if she is from Poughkeepsie? (no one amongst Ross, Joey and Phoebe laughs at the joke and gives him serious look).
*after a pause*
Chandler: That joke would’ve killed in Albany.

Vaudeville is a theatrical genre of variety entertainment. It was especially popular in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. A typical vaudeville performance is made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts grouped together.

In the days of vaudeville, Poughkeepsie was a stop on the circuit (the acts would go from town to town by train). It was very ‘backwater’ and considered rural or not very urbane. Finding a girl from there would be finding someone very backward or generally uneducated. Thus, how could she be ‘great’?

Albany was another stop on the circuit and somewhat in competition with Poughkeepsie for being backward (bear in mind, this would be in comparison to New York City), and “killed them in Albany” is show business jargon for “make the people of Albany laugh at the joke” as both Albany and Poughkeepsie were rivals in this sense. Thus Chandler says ‘That joke would have killed in Albany.’

5. The One with the Race Car Bed

Mattress King: (on TV) I’m close. I’m cheap. I’m the king.
Janice, Chandler Joey, and Monica are watching TV and the Mattress King ad comes up. Janice’s ex-husband is in the ad. Chandler was shocked at the ‘visual appearance’ of Janice’s Ex and said:

Chandler: He stuffs that codpiece right?
Janice: Oh yeah! (mouths “no” to the others).

Monica’s shocked as Joey laughed. Well, you would have certainly missed the joked if you didn’t know what a codpiece is.

A Codpiece is a small piece of fabric that was attached to the front of the crotch of men’s trousers in the 16th century. It was held closed by buttons or other methods. Even though it was worn with an intention to cover their manhood but it actually accentuated the genital area.

6. The One With the Girl from Poughkeepsie

Rachel wants Chandler to set her up with one of his office guys. Chandler finds too many guys willing to go out on a date with Rachel and they are trying to win by giving Chandler many offers. When Rachel asks Chandler about these guys, Chandler tells her that he will wait some more time as Guys are signing over their 401-K’s to me.

401(k) is a retirement plan where an employee can make a contribution from his or her paycheck to plan and this will be invested by the employer o behalf of the employee. After retirement, this money can be used by the employee for his/her future life. So, guys are ready to give up their retirement money to Chandler so that he fixes them up with Rachel.

7. The One with the Lesbian Wedding

Rachel’s mother tells Rachel that she is considering divorcing her husband and she would like to have a life like Rachel. Rachel gets pissed and tells her friends – “If she wanted to be more like me, why couldn’t she just copy my hairstyle or something?”

This was actually a reference to “The Rachel” haircut which was donned by Jennifer Aniston in season 2. The haircut became a massive hit and was imitated by millions of women around the world and remains one of the most popular hairstyles in history.

8. The One With Rachel’s Book

During one of his classes, Ross says to the class “and that should conclusively prove that I had the idea for Jurassic park first”. If one looks at the board in the back, it can be clearly seen that there is some very funny stuff written on the board as – Dr. Geller gets bitten by a mosquito- has a dream that night and “Dr. Geller envisions using DNA from mosquito to clone T-REX”.

9. The One with the Giant Poking Device

Ross and Rachel are dating. Ross has to go to work because ‘some kids messed up the h*mo sapien display‘ (on a side note, here’s where Joey utters the most hilarious, character-suited lines ever “If the H*mo Sapiens, were in fact ‘H*mo’ sapiens, is that why they are extinct?“). So Ross asks Monica and Rachel to watch Ben.

While doing so, Monica accidentally bangs Ben’s head on the wooden roof. Panicked, Monica tries to explain to Ben that it’s not a biggie, people bang their heads all the time, so Monica and Rachel start banging their head on the wall.

After doing that for a couple of times, Rachel stops.

And then she says:

Yeah. You know, if it’s not a headboard, it’s just not worth it.”

Implying, banging your head is not worth it unless it’s against a headboard while having sex.

10. The one with George Stephanopoulos

Chandler, Joey and Ross go out to watch ice hockey and while they are watching it Ross gets hit with the puck and is rushed to hospital. After the treatment this is how Ross looks this. After seeing him, Chandler comments – i thought you were great in Silence of the lambs.

In movie Silence of the lambs, there is character named Hannibal lecter who like this and Ross resembled him after the incident:

How many of the jokes You Noticed before reading this Article? Let us know in the comments.

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