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10 facts about birds that make you fearful of them | List of deadly birds

by Sangam Adhikari

1. Bald eagles grip is about 10x that of an adult human, and they have massive claws, so if it wanted to an eagle could put its talons all the way through your arm, it probably couldn’t break the bone, but you would definitely bleed out.

2. An ostrich can kick with a force of 2,000 pounds per square inch, and can run 45 miles per hour, does not sound like a good time.

3. Vultures are said to be able to see a 3 foot carcass from 4 miles away so it can see you far before you will probably see it, and one vulture species has been tracked flying as high as 37,000 feet, the height where commercial airliners fly, if the planes are going very high, at a height where you would pass out in less than 30 seconds from the lack of oxygen and die soon later.

4. Macaws have a similar bite force to a large dog, so don’t put your finger in.

5. Eagles have been observed riding living deer and pronghorn and eating them alive, not to mention pulling goats off cliffs.

6. There are highly unsubstantiated rumors that falconers can use packs of Harris hawks ( birds that weigh 1–3 pounds ) to take out deer.

7. The existence of Giant petrels, birds that are like a cross between an albatross, an eagle, and a vulture, they live out at sea and eat fish like albatross, but will hunt baby seals and penguins and eat carcasses on the shores of subantarctic islands.

8. Hooded pitohuis are the bird species which has toxins in its feathers. Wikimedia Commons They look tiny and unassuming, and even beautiful — but in actuality, their feathers contain a potent toxin that can paralyze and even kill you, according to Australian Geographic.

These gorgeous but deadly creatures regularly feed on melyrid beetles, which is their source for the deadly batrachotoxins with which they become imbued, according to a 2000 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

9. Cassowaries are one of the deadliest living bird on Earth. Not only are cassowaries fast, but they’re feisty. Wikimedia Commons Cassowaries, of the same family as ostriches, can’t fly but these holdovers from dinosaur days can reach heights of up to five and a half feet and weigh up to 135 pounds. Native to New Guinea and Australia, they can also run at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

These birds can charge, kick, head-butt, and have three-inch-long incredibly sharp talons with which to disembowel you. The Scientific American reported that a 1999 study by Christopher Kofron of 221 recorded attacks by the bird species showed that attacks are mostly due to an association of humans with food.

Their claws will remind you of their much larger and dangerous ancestors Dinosaurs

10. Pelicans can swallow their prey whole. It’s a brilliant trap for fish — pelicans just catch them in some water, spit out the water, then swallow them whole. Also, they can weigh up to 30 pounds and have a 10-foot wingspan, which is twice as long as any five-foot humans.

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