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The 8 Things to make your Gym Session Effective

by Sangam Adhikari

The increment steps to achieve optimal results do not provide many benefits unless you are doing everything associated with such an approach and even then it will just slightly till the scale in favor of marginally better results. The truth is that there is really not much you could do wrong that would negate the effects of a workout. The only thing that would matter would be the thoroughness and the intensity of the training itself followed by an adequate cooldown and recovery period.

Eat a nutritionally dense diet from a variety of food sources including a variety of vegetables and fruits, lean sources of proteins, whole grains, complex carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. Don’t skip meals, don’t miss your workouts and get adequate sleep. Unless you’re a professional athlete these overly complex suggestions are more to self impress the writer than the reader.

Here are some points which might make your gym session more effective:

1.) Doing heavy and prolonged tedious cardio exercise before doing strength training.

 Heavy cardio decreases our energy level, and it leads to a decrease in strength as one cannot lift the weights as per his capacity. It is preferable to do a light warm-up and stretching before hitting the strength exercise and then do cardio after the strength training.

2.) Focussing more on low-intensity moderate cardio exercise rather than high intensity or burst cardio.

You can refer to many youtube links of MIKE CHANG, HASFIT TRAINING, SHAUN T, and many other related to 15 minutes or 10 minutes high-intensity exercise. This will save you much time in the gym(it also has afterburn effects).

3.) The gap between the sets

I have seen many people taking around 4-5 minutes between sets, which makes them come to level zero.

4.) Going to the gym every day:

It is not recommended to go to the gym every day, your muscles sometimes need more than 24 hours to recover. So it is okay if one goes to the gym at max five days a week.

5.) Wrong support group:

The support group plays a significant part in reaching the fitness of a person, so it is wise to find a good support group that motivates you and challenges you in lifting weights. and also avoid mixing with other people by involving in social chats

6.) Waiting for there turn:

I have seen people waiting for there turn for cardio exercise for a long time. I will say that it is not needed to do cardio in the gym as you can return to your home and can perform some high-intensity burst cardio (search for a park or jogger’s area).

7.) Following the same routine:

Doing some strength exercise every day makes your muscles to adapt, so it doesn’t help in building or toning it. One should focus on changing the intensity of training by increasing and decreasing weights. By introducing a drop set, superset, giant game in your routine will help you a lot. There are many principles on the internet related to bodybuilding; one of them is DTP, a dramatic transformation principle introduced by Kris Gethin. This type of training of changing weights shocks your muscles and helps in building it fast.

Moreover, if you have a specific body-building schedule given to you by your instructor, try to change it to the next level in about two months by retaking an assessment test from the instructor. Don’t stick to the same routine throughout your life.

8.) Stop impressing the other sex:

Many will think this is not much related to this topic, but I would say people do this many times. They try to impress girls by flexing themselves and doing some exercise, which is not even in their schedule. They will peek on girls and try to flirt with them.

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