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Has NASA really found Evidence Of Parallel Universe?

by Sangam Adhikari

Each day you wake up to some bizarre news around during this pandemic. You get nervous counting the ever-increasing corona cases, you feel excited as you eye on the other side of the corona period and you are anxious as to when we will have the final vaccine. While you were waiting for a vaccine to be developed you didn’t realize there is a parallel universe until it was claimed by NASA and reported by some big shot media houses in the US. We are already left in a ‘different world’ by a small virus we cannot afford a parallel universe now.

In recent news, if one is to believe, scientists from NASA discovered the evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backward. Sounds like a Benjamin Button universe?

  • Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)

The key highlight from the news was ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna) – an experiment carried out in the Antarctic region by NASA to study the ultra high energy neutrinos that continuously bombard our planet earth. This is done using the array of radio antennas suspended from a helium balloon flying at a height of 1.2 lakh feet almost 4 times as high as a commercial flight. At such height, the antennas can clearly detect any neutrinos and the cosmic sounds.

The low energy particle can pass completely through the earth and they rarely come in contact with the matter but ultra high energy particles coming from the space are stopped by the solid matter on earth.

The key point here from the report is that ANITA detected the particles traveling from the earth towards the space defying the standard law of physics.

Benjamin Button universe: Related to Benjamin Button from movie ‘Curious case of Benjamin Button’ who ages backward.

Neutrinos: Particles with a tiny mass, no electric charge, and hardly comes in contact with the matter. About 100 billion neutrinos are streaming through every square centimeter of your body at any given time. Neutrinos were produced by the big bang and are still produced by the stars.

Truth Is:

ANITA has detected a few more unusual events in the past, where the antennas detected high energy particles traveling from earth to space. A scientist from Australia recently said that the ‘unusual’ ANITA event is known and discussed since 2016. Years after that we still do not have an explanation for these unusual events.


Though many scientists have followed the pragmatic approach in dealing with the evidence of parallel universe quoting that there are many potential candidate particles on earth which might account for results from ANITA, but the truth is no one has an explanation still after years for this ‘unusual’ activity detected by the experiment. But for now, to conclude there is no such evidence to parallel universe discovered yet. Though the reality is yet far from the truth, we just cannot ignore the final paper from Stephen Hawking which suggests the existence of multiple universes.

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