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The 5 Most Important Inventions of the last 100 years

by Sangam Adhikari

Each invention has its own characteristics and advantages. We can’t draw an absolute comparison. But the key point is that inventions are innovative and changed the whole world by their facility. 

We have included some of the most exciting Inventions to come out over the past 100 years.

1. Internet

The internet has done something that very few inventions are capable of doing. It wasn’t just something new – it completely transformed our way of life.

In fact, if the internet were to all of a sudden stop working, the world would descend into chaos within hours.

2. Personal Computers

Personal computers gave us space exploration, advance medical science, artificial intelligence, and unrivalled communication abilities.

As Steve Jobs said: “A computer is like a bicycle for the mind.”

3. Nuclear Weapons

A rather dark choice, but influential nonetheless. Prior to nukes, wars would often take months or even years to end. With these weapons, however, they can now be ended within hours.

Better yet, it has actually prevented a major war since WW2.

4. Vaccine

Prior to vaccines, medical research was not really going anywhere, as there were still plenty of diseases waiting to be cured.

Then in came the vaccine, saving millions of lives and spearheading the development in medicine.

5. Airplanes

It only took 2 brothers with a mixture of inventiveness determination to prove that man could fly, an idea that went from ancient myths in religious texts to actual reality.

It would several decades later allow us to travel where we want, to send help where it’s needed, and unite the world under a global economy.

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