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The 10 Popular Q&A websites to find your answers

by Sangam Adhikari

Q&A websites are addictive due to the instigation of opinions and discussions around those opinions. It’s just that everyone has an opinion , and since everyone has access to the internet you can have near-infinite answers to an infinite amount of questions – makes certain Q&A websites more popular than others.

The popularity of a Q&A website mostly depends on the depth of information it can provide you with your questions. And that further depends on the level of indulgence by the readers. But it all begins with how user-friendly such a website is because it encourages people to try it out. So, We have collected the 10 Best QNA Websites around the Internet:

  1. Quora is a site where people post answers to your questions. It also allows you to follow TopicsPeople, and specific Questions, which is great for keeping up with the latest trends and questions that you never ran into yet.
  2. Mind the book is a site that aggregates information about books. It allows you to seek people’s opinions on which books are the best resources to answer your questions. You can then see how good each suggestion is depending on the community’s votes.
  3. Askville‘s got some great answers to some very solid, technical questions. However, there are also some more unusual questions that also have some unusual responses, which make for funny dialogue.
  4. Yahoo! Answers may sometimes vary in quality, it makes up for in quantity. Statistically, it’s quite probable that you’ll find a good answer to a question — although you may have to through a few series and threads of questions and discussions before you run into something you find credible.
  5. Stack Overflow is a Q&A site dedicated to answering inquiries about programming. There are specific questions about chunks of code, or mechanisms and how they function.
  6. Super User is a community that collaborates and gives advice on how to help out computer enthusiasts with their questions. It is geared more towards the power user, hence you’ll find geeky questions and their more geeky answers abound on the site.
  7. LinkedIn Answers If you have any business questions or inquiries that you’d like someone with relevant experience to answer.
  8. Answers.com is another wiki-styled source for information. You’ll be surprised at how familiar it looks.
  9. Hacker News is their news and information meme and its ask section is a great place to get answers to questions related to business, technology, startups, and just about anything related to the web.
  10. LawPivot is a site that offers crowdsourced advice for businesses and startups

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