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Things that you must definitely do after buying a new Laptop

by Sangam Adhikari

What’s the use of Laptop if you can’t play games, install software, or can’t use while it’s charging, or cover it from top to bottom, its a machine, not your bride. Do whatever you like, if you do not use it, then you will never learn how to use it.

  1. Screen guard and the keyguard is just a waste of money.
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 If you put only screen guard, then after a few days you will see the keys printed on the screen guard. If you put a keyboard cover, then you will not be comfortable with typing if you a good typer, else clicking buttons using two fingers don’t matter in this case.

2. Play whatever game you like to play; it will not harm your Laptop. 

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I had played some high-End PC games like FIFA 19, PES 19, GTA V, Call of Duty All Series, Watch Dogs 2, Mad Ma, Battlefield all Series, PUBG, Fortnite in my Laptop which squeezes all the part of your Laptop. I’ve never faced any problems so far. You can also play any game you want (That Your PC Support) but Keep in mind that your Laptop need to be Serviced and Maintained over a period of time.

3. No need to install antivirus as windows already come with windows defender.

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Don’t install those crap which the shopkeeper gives with license key, like Avira or Avast. They won’t save your Laptop if it got the virus, because hackers are smart and they know how to bypass antivirus, so if they want your computer to install a virus into it, they will eventually do it, and nothing could stop them and antivirus update their definitions after virus infects most of the computers.

4. Use Pendrive but be aware of opening unwanted files/folder which you don’t know about,

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Windows defender will find virus before you will click on it. But still don’t open that folder which you didn’t create, people got excited and opened every single folder to see the content inside, but not every folder looking file is a folder, it may be an application/virus, which will install if you open it. After that make a windows restore point. But you will not need it if you buy dell or hp Laptop, if something goes wrong, you can ask them for backup windows disks, and they will provide it free of cost.

5. Always Keep the Laptop in charging

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic, Although I’m not going to explain all theory, Battery are effected in two ways 1. By Battery Cycle and 2. The heat from CPU. Anyway, You are slowly decreasing your battery Life experience as you use your Laptop, So It is always suggested to charge your laptop while using it as it runs from AC after full Charge.

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