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Should you buy a desktop or a laptop?

by Sangam Adhikari

Technology changed so much today that a laptop can easily do what a standard desktop computer does – even gaming and workstation tasks. The main reason why you should buy a laptop is because of MOBILITY. A laptop is designed to be carried and used while on the move, students doing their projects in school and at coffee shops or business people doing their worksheets while commuting. However, if you can afford to use a computer only at home or in an office, a desktop computer is your best bet because a desktop with the same price of a laptop is most of the time, more powerful, upgradeable, and can quickly go above the limitations of screen size, battery life, keyboard feel, touchpad sensitivity, external connectivity, and thermal throttling.

Buying a computer, whether desktop or laptop, is not an easy task.

The multiple options offered by the market and prices play at the time of the decision.

The client must be aware that the needs change according to what he studies, space he has in his office, his work, or the destination he will have to the team in his home.

A lawyer does not require the same computer as a videogame player or a designer, as Jónatan Pineda, administrator of PC Solutions, store of sale and maintenance of computers.

For your home

Today’s equipment is known as All in One, that is, they incorporate the CPU, the disk drives, the USB ports, and the sound on a screen, which saves space and there are no cables in sight.

This equipment is recommended for children and high school students who need to perform basic tasks.

According to Carlos Navas, spokesman for Lenovo for Colombia, the home computer fulfills the function of being an entertainment center, which also serves other tasks.

According to profession and study

There are portable computers that can be converted into tablets, which allow their use anywhere.

If you are a student, Álvaro and Jónatan recommend mid-range equipment upfront, which means four gigs of RAM and a processor of at least four cores, which are responsible for regulating the operation.

In addition to buying a computer with a hard disk capacity of one terabyte.

Comfort in the office

Although many people currently work with their laptops, All-in-One is also recommended for offices.

“Equipment with high computing capacity is recommended, which includes a state-of-the-art processor, accompanied by a good RAM and good storage capacity,” Navas said.

More tips

– Buy recognized and reliable brands in the market.

– Install a trusted antivirus and update it whenever necessary.

– Avoid eating or drinking drinks next to the equipment.

– Clean with a tissue and a special liquid.

– Use laptops on rigid surfaces.

When it is used on the legs or a mattress, the ducts that allow the movement of the air towards the interior are blocked, which deteriorates the hardware and reduces the useful life of the equipment.

– If you have your computer connected to the moment of a thunderstorm, it is best to disconnect it.

– Ask an expert to choose the most appropriate according to your use.

– Take care of the blows.

– It is not recommended to close the laptop while it is on; this practice is only allowed by some brands.


– Remember that the processor is like the brain of the computer, determines the speed and performance of the computer.

– Designers or gamers require equipment with a capacity of 8 gigs or more of RAM, for people who only need to handle documents, there is 2 or 4 gig equipment.

– It is also recommended desktop equipment for gamers because it can be installed with other components that improve the performance of the computer.

– Look at the capacity of the hard disk, which is determined according to the purpose of the network. If you want to have a variety of music, videos, or files on your computer, you must have a hard disk with a high storage capacity.

– The duration of the battery is another aspect to consider, although it depends on the use. Some laptops could reach up to 10 hours and more.


In the market, there are computers from $100 to $2000 or more.

If you want more advanced equipment, for specialized jobs, you can find them from $2000 to more than $3000.


– Designers, video editors, among other professionals, sometimes need to expand the capabilities of their team.

In the market, there are video cards that allow improving the performance of the graphics output.

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