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5 Fascinating Facts about lizards

by Sangam Adhikari

1. Lizards can detach their tails

Most people know this, but lizards have a special defense mechanism. They can easily detach their tails in order to escape predators. Most predators will bite the lizard on its tail, so the lizard will detach it in order to get away. The tail will also move after being detached. This is a reflex caused by the nerves in the tail. The movement distracts the predator so the lizard can scurry away. Even though their tail is severed, it usually does not cause any sort of pain. Not to mention, the tail will grow back in a matter of time.

2. The biggest lizard in the world is the Komodo Dragon.

These huge lizards can grow to be 10 feet long! That’s bigger than some alligators! They also weigh around 154 pounds.

3. Chameleons change their color based on their mood and temperature.

Most people think chameleons change their colors in order to blend into their surroundings. However, science says otherwise. Chameleons actually change their color in order to change their body temperature and to show their mood. When excited, chameleons will change into a brighter color. When scared, they will darken their colors. Both females and males can change color, but males do it more often.

4. Geckos lick their eyeballs in order to clean them.

Most geckos do not possess eyelids, so they cannot blink. Blinking is used to moisturize the eyes and clear them of any debris. Since geckos lack eyelids, they use their tongues to clean and moisten their eyeballs.

5. Horned Lizards can shoot blood out of their eyes.

Horned Lizards have a remarkable defence mechanism. Not only are they covered in sharp spines, but they also can shoot blood out of their eyes! The blood tastes foul, the predator will usually back off.

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