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Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Powerful Ways to Earn Money

by Mashum Mollah

Amazon affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra money. This business model does not require any inventory or startup capital, and the affiliates can partner with the most significant global business retailers. The most fun part is that you can conduct it from anywhere, and the earning sometimes goes to a six-figure number.

This business model is free-to-use and allows you to promote and market the products selling on amazon. Advertising/marketing these products help you get 1% to 10% on any sale that your marketing generates for amazon. 

The process gets more manageable if you have a pre-established YouTube channel, niche site, blog, or other social media accounts with a considerable amount of followers. Then, you can use the amazon affiliate marketing program to recommend products to your audience and get paid when your followers buy from your recommendations.

This article will provide some powerful methods that will help you earn more on amazon affiliate marketing programs. But first, you need to know how amazon affiliate marketing works.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

The content creators, bloggers, earn an additional stack of money by monetizing their traffic with the help of amazon affiliate marketing. The simple explanation is that you get a payment in the form of referral fees for every purchase that your customers make using the amazon affiliate link on your website/internet platform.

Amazon will pay you also for products other than the ones you posted about if the buyers are using your link to go to the purchasing page. But it is essential to have a large base audience to generate the traffic. So your Instagram followers, Youtube subscribers, and followers on other social media platforms come in handy in this case. 

Effective Methods For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here are some tricks to make the odds in your favor when using Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Keeping these in mind and implementing them when using amazon affiliate marketing will help you boost your earnings on this business model.

Basic HTML Knowledge 

Spending less and earning more is possible in affiliate marketing if you are willing to invest a tiny amount of time in learning the basics of HTML. Website platforms like Wix and Weebly are straightforward to use now, but you still need to know how to insert images and create hyperlinks.

Pick Your Niche

The topics or products of your interest are the best to choose while doing amazon affiliate marketing. You will find products that relate to your niche on Amazon, and it is always best to select products that you have good knowledge about and find interest in.

Try to promote products that have mass demand and are higher-ticket items.

Set Up Your Web Hosting

Web hosting services are available for free; even the paid services are super cheap and affordable for amazon affiliates. Wix offers a free web blogging service and is professional. Affordable web hosting services are readily available on resources like online business guides.

Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

It is common for authors, lecturers, and content creators of that sort to choose their names as domain names. Likewise, this practice is common among YouTubers, Instagram influencers, etc. Affiliate marketers also choose names that reflect their niche platforms. But it is wise to choose words that the audiences look for; a keyword-rich name is always best. 

Register Your Domain Name

Registering one or two websites is not so costly; however, the cost can get higher with more than ten niche sites. You can use GoDaddy or SiteGround; these are lower-cost providers. GoDaddy offers twelve months discounts on basic managed WordPress for 1$ per month, but the price goes up to the regular price after twelve months.

Use WordPress  

WordPress is a free content marketing tool; it is an easy-to-install software and facilitates quick posting. In addition, hosts like GoDaddy, Wix, & Weebly provide a one-step installation process for WordPress.


The trust of followers builds upon the credibility of a website, and the websites must look pretty and have excellent quality content. At this point, WordPress proves to be even more beneficial. The various designing options that WordPress has to allow you to design pages as per your needs.

Sign Up As Amazon Affiliate

The next step is to sign up as an amazon affiliate. The process is straightforward and free, and it requires you to visit AmazonAssociates, and then click on Sign Up to complete the process. Your site must have the basic setup completed before the Signup process. Your site needs to go through manual verification processes before amazon verifies it.

Final Steps 

Once you have finished the early mentioned tasks, you need to go through these steps to complete the process to become an amazon affiliate marketer. 

  • Create your blog posting bookmarks and links.
  • Create your amazon build-a-link and bookmark
  • Build your amazon affiliate site.
  • Promote your amazon affiliate site.

These are the necessary steps that you must follow for effective amazon affiliate marketing. 

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