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8 Quick Tips For Students To Learn Programming Easily

by Sadia Alam

Whether you are a student, fresher or experienced person trying to switch your job in programming, you will try to find tips and tricks to learn to program quickly and effectively. The position of programmers is one of the high-paid jobs in the market and one of the most excellent jobs people find. Learning to code and mastering in c++ Bootcamp can take years for a beginner. Most people give up before they indeed get started.

So, how can you learn to code quickly? How can you overcome the biggest hurdle of learning programming – which is motivation? 

Mostly, it takes people around 1-3 months of dedicated learning to understand the core concepts of any programming language. But this basic understanding of core concepts will not allow you to become an expert in that language. To become an expert, it takes around 1-2 years of learning and practicing on projects. And this whole process requires motivation and consistency. Now let’s talk about eight quicks tips to learn to program:

1. Focus On Core 2 Programming Languages

The success of your programming career depends on what you can do, not how many languages you know. So, focus on 3-4 core languages and become an expert in them. For example: 

·        Python for data analysis

·        Java/C++ for Android development

·        C# for web development

2. Start At The Middle of Things

Most people start programming by opening random online tutorials—one of the common mistakes people make. Instead of doing that, start with your goal in mind and then find out what you have to learn to achieve your goal. For example: If you want to learn web development, start with HTML/CSS/Javascript before Ruby on Rails.

3. Focus On Understanding Source Code Rather Than Memorizing Syntax

Most beginners are trying to memorize syntax instead of understanding the code used in the examples given. It would help if you focused more on understanding each line of code rather than learning how to code.

Additionally, avoid copying and pasting codes from online sources. Yes, it is very simple to copy and paste from a variety of github projects and repositories, but you should never copy anything from github. Make an effort to comprehend the written code before starting from scratch in your workspace.

4. Never Try To Memorize Concepts/Languages/Technologies

When I started learning to program, I used to try memorizing concepts such as meta-classes, polymorphism, and other object-oriented terms. This is the worst mistake you can make in your journey of becoming a programmer. It would help if you never tried to learn new concepts. Instead, focus only on the syntax of a particular programming language. This will allow you to learn other languages in the future quickly.

5 . Use Online Tutorials Wisely

There are tons of online tutorials available for every programming language out there. You can find online tutorials for python, java, android development, C# but you should not follow these tutorials blindly. You need to understand that each tutorial works for different people in different ways. So before following an online tutorial, make sure you read the comments section and know about its limitations (if any).

6 . Do Not Try To Master Everything At First

One of the most important tips I would like to give is that never try to master everything at first when you are learning to code. For example: when I was started learning web development, I used to think that in the future, if I become a good developer and they give me a project in Rails or any other Javascript framework like NodeJS, etc.,,, then I would be able to fulfill the requirements. But that was a wrong thought. It would help if you never tried to master everything at first. It takes time, and you will only make yourself frustrated instead of motivating yourself.

7 . Do Not Overwhelm Yourself With Projects And Jobs From Day One

Do not start your journey with coding by applying for jobs or creating projects within 1-2 months. The market is full of such people, and employers know who is doing things seriously and just trying to fool. Instead, start building projects which you like. This will help you improve your programming skills more quickly than creating random projects.

8 . Ask At Least 10 People Before Following An Online Tutorial

Last but not least, do not follow online tutorials blindly. Never believe what other people are saying about that tutorial; instead, ask at least ten programmers who have already gone through that tutorial for their feedback.

So these were some of the quick tips which will help you learn to program quickly and easily. I would also recommend you subscribe to our blog to get regular updates on the latest technologies and programming tips/tricks. We hope you find these easy to follow and valuable for your learning process.


The most important tip I would like to give is that you should not focus on the theory but instead follow it by practice. You can find tons of online tutorials for every programming language out there. But keep in mind that you will only learn faster with the amount of practice you will do with those concepts.

If you try to learn everything at first and then apply that knowledge, you will never be able to complete any project within the given deadline. Follow these tips, and I hope you will learn to program as quickly as possible.

Have some feedback? Or some more tips to add? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below! We would love to hear what you think about our post.

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