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How to master jiggling movement in PUBG Mobile

by Sangam Adhikari

PUBG Mobile is widely considered one of the best shooting games that has ever been released on the mobile portal. Countless users have spent several hours on the game, trying to devise methods to get the better of their opponents – either by using improved shooting techniques, or by enhancing their movements.

One such movement that is extremely useful in helping players defeat their rivals is the ‘jiggle jiggle’ movement. However, it is difficult to master as it involves a huge amount of practice.

How to master Jiggle Jiggle in PUBG Mobile

There is a famous quote in PUBG Mobile, “De jiggle De jiggle by Snax”. This simple sentence has been taken to heart by many PUBG Mobile players because jiggle is one of the best movements to win any close-range fight in the game.

There are various movements in PUBG Mobile, like Crouch, Crouch Stand, Jiggle Jiggle, Crouch Jiggle, Crouch Stand Jiggle etc. Let us look at the merits and demerits of the aforementioned movements in further detail.


You must have seen many pro players crouch in close-combat fights. In these situations, getting the win depends considerably on your luck. But it also depends on your enemy and how good he is with his movement.

By crouching, you risk facing a loss since it makes your movement slow and also increases the chances of getting shot in the head (if the enemy is aiming for your chest). And most players aim for the chest, except for a few tier 1 pro players or experienced classic players.

So the next time you decide to crouch in front of your enemies, make sure you know the drawbacks of doing so.


Crouch Stand

Crouch Stand Movement

If you follow some PUBG Mobile YouTube streamers, you must have noticed that there is a popular trend of crouch stand movement – in which players suddenly crouch and then stand.

However, the tactic isn’t very useful. If you stand, the risk of the opponent nailing a headshot is fairly high.

Jiggle Jiggle

The Jiggle Jiggle Movement

One of the best movements being used by tier 1 pro players in India is the ‘jiggle jiggle’ movement. In this, they home in on the target by simply moving their aim joystick left and right.

For the best results, avoid crouching if you are doing the jiggle – because by crouching, your movement will become slower.

Crouch Jiggle

Crouch Jiggle

If you crouch while doing the jiggle movement, it is called crouch jiggle. But as I said in the previous point, crouch jiggle makes your jiggle movement slower. That allows enemies a chance to capitalize and go for the kill.

Crouch Stand Jiggle

Crouch Stand Jiggle

This is one of the coolest movements to watch. But since players crouch stand with left and right movement, the risk of aim choke is higher.

Thus, after analyzing the various movements, we can conclude that the simple jiggle movement is the best option for a close-combat fight.

Thumb or Claw, Gyro or Non Gyro – what’s the best set-up for Jiggle Jiggle?

I find jiggle movement is easy for Gyro players (I am one myself), as they have extra Gyro sensors for aiming. I have also noticed that Gyro helps players aim better.

However, the most difficult conundrum revolves around choosing between the thumb setup and the claw setup. Regardless of whether you are a Gyro player or not, a thumb setup is the best for jiggle movement.

Jiggle in claw setup is easier for a Gyro player but that becomes really hard for those who are non-Gyro players.

However, there is a caveat for those using Gyro. If the enemy is very near then you can’t defeat them easily by using Gyro, because a 360-degree shot is very difficult to execute in that setup. Thus, you should try to drag your aim using your thumb.

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