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15 Tips for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

by Sangam Adhikari

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a game where you’d have 10+ hours still don’t understand the mechanics of the game. It isn’t hard either but It’s just a little complex. In this article, I’m presenting you the tips and tricks for the game according to my understanding of the game.

1) Get used to subduing. It’s much harder to learn it later after you played a while by killing.

2) You’ll eventually come across guards with helmets and flak jackets. Aim for arms and legs if you can instead of risking hitting them in head and not the face. Also, booty shots drop them relatively quickly.

3) If you kick an enemy awake, you can hold them up before they get up. You can then Hold L2 (or whatever Xbox and PC has) and interrogate them just the same.

4) Only sell vehicles, turrets and plants from Resources. Even then, keep a budget on them. I sell all turrets after 20, all vehicles after 5, and all plants after 1,000. Also, remember that your GMP is capped at 5 million.

5) Keep your obsolete/crap mercenaries for when you gain the ability to create security teams. You’ll want to build up defenses early to keep other players from stepping all over you.

6) To go with #1: get used to being efficient with stealth as early as you can. A small difference in skill is the deciding factor with how simple or hectic a mission is.

7) To go with #6: get used to trying out different tactics early. Whether it’s baiting guards, closing in on enemies, intercepting target VIPs or vehicles, etc. Again, complicated and easy is better then simple and brutal.

8) Upgrade your tools as early as possible. New Fulton and Binos will help expand your staff much better.

9) To go with #8 and ones with efficiency: Heroism will help expand your PMC staff with better skills. You could be OP early if you play right. You get more heroism the better you play.

10)For Combat Deployments, don’t send your highest ranked staff unless you have a decent number of them. Also, try to get 95% Success Rate and minimal Unit Loss Rate.

11) Do Side Ops as they appear. There are some that give more than just GMP and staff.

12) Don’t be afraid to raid a compound after clearing it. With the right Fulton and compound, you can get quite a killing from vehicle and turret extraction.

13) The Water Gun can destroy electrical equipment. This includes comms and generators. Wherever the water lands creates a noise distraction as well.

14) There are Side Ops where there are inevitably gunships. If you come to a landing zone where there is one on a side of the ACC, take a moment before leaving to clip its wings with the Gatling Gun before exiting the ACC. It raises less of an alarm than rockets and frees up a slot for a sniper rifle (for you tranq players, like me).

15) Decoys are extremely dangerous weapons in a pacifist player’s artillery. You can throw them near enemies and activate them, knocking out the enemy. It works well with groups as it can knock out multiple and distract any remaining. You can also bring different kinds for both situation approaches and additional uses. I CANNOT stress their use enough!

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