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7 Scientific Photos that are hard to believe

by Sangam Adhikari

1. Juno, which sent one of the Jupiter’s picture back to NASA.

White oval which is the Northern Hemisphere of that planet!

2. SpaceX, rocket to provide Internet access worldwide! This satellite contains Radar and two Starlink satellite

This rocket launched back in February, 2018.

3. California’s forest fires, August 2018.

An aeroplane drops off Fire Retardant (in red). It’s really mind blowing to know entire background simply represents fire!

4. This tiny house built with help of ion beam, gas-injection system and tiny Manoeuvrable robot

This house is just 20 micrometre long, built with Silicon by a team from France back in May, 2018.

5. This, Eleventh Century church which is located in Spain, submerged into water such that there’s reflection of clouds! Simply spectacular!

6. Just after eruption of Mount Mayon, Philippines. Entire town is covered with ashes! January, 2018.

7. Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, Macaque Twins said to be first primates born using Cloning Techniques!

This feat was achieved by Chinese researchers in January, 2018.

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