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Top 8 File Sharing Apps For Android in 2021

by Kacee Christian

Earlier, Bluetooth was a popular file-sharing feature that every android handset used to have. However, its sluggishness and connectivity issues have made it obsolete with the pace of time.

We are going to cover eight emerging, Android-friendly file-sharing applications in this guide. From this list, you can exchange multiple vital documents, media, or any other files quickly.

Why Is File-Sharing Important?

File sharing is an intrinsic part of our everyday life. Whether it is for professional or personal purposes, a smooth medium enhances the file transfer experience even better.

Through flexible file-sharing software or applications, you can exchange crucial information instantly without any unexpected delays. Here is not the end. You can work from anywhere, anytime, and communicate with the people of any corner of the world.

Basically, the file transfer apps work by using the local network without the interference of the internet. Check out the latest and most used file-sharing apps from the list below:

Top 8 Best File Sharing Apps in 2021

A bug-free and secured file exchange application improve user experiences. The list below contains some high-rated file transfer apps. We have elaborated only those applications that are accepted globally and have not faced any government restrictions.

1. inShare

If you are a busy bee and want to share files from one mobile set to another at the speed of light, try inShare at least once.

The most fantastic part with inShare is sending or receiving videos, photos, music, apps, e-book, or even large pdf files. The app supports file transfer with 40Mb/s + speed. Moreover, it is equipped with a clean, uncomplicated interface.

What makes inShare unique? It supports 30 different languages. Isn’t it amazing? So without wasting any more time, download this open-source app and start sharing.

2. MediaFire

Mediafire is an accessible, manageable, and flexible platform where you can pile up your music, documents, and video. It allows doing this in a single space so that you can use them anytime you need.   

Is Mediafire Safe To Use? Upon checking the users’ reviews, it can be inferred that it is 92% trustworthy, whereas 91% safe for kids. Furthermore, the only concern that comes up, again and again, is it does not provide any encryption for the files stored.

3. Zapya

According to several tech websites and channels, Zapya is leading the market in terms of its speed. Various renowned platforms have welcomed Zapya since its inception.

This web sharing application enables the users to access all contents of an android device from any other one. However, it has to be connected to the targeted phone through WiFi, WLAN, 4G network and WiFi hotspot. Therefore, you can literally do anything on the mobile phone flexibly.

4. EasyShare

EasyShare is an ad-free, open-source, and fast file transfer app. The user interface is pretty simple to use. The absence of ads makes navigation much more effortless.

With just a single tap, you can share all types of files in different formats such as APK, MP4, JPEG, DOC, and others. Not only Android but also this app supports Mac, Windows, iOS operating systems.

You just have to follow some simple steps as the app instructs and securely transfer essential files from your old handset to the new one.

5. AirDroid

AirDroid’s exclusive features have made it one of the most recommended apps by PCWorld, BGR, CNET, Gizmodo, and other technology websites. Through this application, you can access your tablet, Smartphone, and computer wirelessly.

The coolest feature is that you can duplicate a computer screen with this app and type a physical keyboard as well.

6. XShare

Last but not least is the XShare app. It is one of the fastest file exchange apps widely known all over the globe. It has about 10 million downloads on the play store.

You do not require an internet connection to transfer information from one device to another. Its quick sign-up process is the best part that attracts millions of users. With XShare, you can smoothly share several files at the same time.

The transfer speed of the app is also remarkable. Give a try at this 4.5 rated application, and you will not be disappointed.

7. MacDroid

MacDroid is the perfect solution for those who aim to transfer files between Android and Mac devices. As both do not work together, you can connect these two securely with an external app like MacDroid.

8. Superbeam

If you do not have a WiFi router, this app is ideal for you. It uses WiFi Direct to share files. The app has stunning Amolded themes that attract thousands of users. Make the process of file transfer with PC hassle-free with this app.


File sharing is a persistent issue for all android users. You will not find a single Android user who would not complain about difficulties in file sharing. 

Once you start using any of these apps, you cannot stop using them. Their user-friendliness is what makes them most approved in the tech community.

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