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‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Submitted as Drama, and Not Miniseries, for Emmys — Do we anticipate for Season 2?

by Anderson Spencer

After all, it doesn’t seem to be a limited series.

A IndieWire interview reveals that for this year’s Emmys Marvel Studios will introduce The Falcon and Winter Soldier as a drama series. That stands in contrast the fact that Marvel is planning a second season for his global duo Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), which will submit WandaVision as a limited series.

The Drama Series categorisation was confirmed by talks with IndieWire, Executive Producer and the Marvel Studios VP of Nate More. While he stopped confirming that Season 2, he definitely went ahead, he stressed that the door was open for:

“…Falcon and Winter Soldier is really about dealing with, to me, the legacy of what a superhero is, through the lens of Captain America and his shield, but ultimately through the lens of all these different characters. And that’s a story I think you can revisit in subsequent seasons because it’s an evergreen story. It’s a conversation.”

This was not the first time that Marvel saw a silent acknowledgement that for some of its Disney+ series it may develop in the second season. Details of Michael Waldron’s deal with Disney in January indicated a second season for the upcoming Loki streamer.

Stan told Collider earlier this month that a second season would be of interest to him. In February, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, admitted that there were shows for a second season:

“…it will always vary based on the story. Sometimes they’ll go into a Season 2, sometimes it will go into a feature and then back into a series. We’ve announced that ‘Ms. Marvel,’ after her debut on Disney Plus, will be going into the second “Captain Marvel” film. But sometimes — it’s yet to be announced, but we are thinking of planning second seasons for some of the upcoming series.”

The field Emmy is relatively open for Drama Series this year, with the COVID production delays that render numerous long-term contestants (including the winner last year, Succession) inadmissible.

When asked if Stan and Mackie could both be run as lead actors or if one could be taken for the supporting actors’ race, Moore was uncomfortable: “We haven’t had such profound talks yet.” Marvel has time to figure out its strategy by voting for the 2021 Emmys until June.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season finale will be premiered exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, 23 April. The first 5 episodes are streaming now.

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