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Review Of Hindi Movie ‘Robot 2.0’

by Sangam Adhikari

Story & screenplay:

I liked the story. The story is relatable, it revolves around Mobile phones and birds. The movie is based on the idea that how mobile radiation is harmful to Birds. The only thing I didn’t like is the origin story of Akshay’s character. For any supervillain like Akshay in the movie, you need to have a solid origin story which was missing. And I personally felt that this story lack the twist and turns which Shankar sir is known for. The story could have been better because Shankar is known for his stories. The climax was amazing but the final plan of Chitti to kill Akshay was not very convincing. I would say story and screenplay could have been better. Few scenes are childish and hard to digest.


The direction is really good especially the way Shankar has imagined and directed the VFX part is really amazing. He holds you confused and attentive till the interval and after the interval, he reveals the plot and then it’s all about action and VFX. As I said the story was not as crispy and edgy as Shankar’s movies are known for so I missed Shankar sir’s magic but I am quite sure no other Indian director has a vision as he has. Each and every VFX shot is going to be written down in the History of Indian cinema.

Star Performance:

This movie belongs to only two people Rajni Sir and Akshay Kumar. Both have done a commendable job. Rajni sir is amazing with his timing and make you laugh as Chitti in every second scene. Akshay’s work is Commendable. Rest all actors are just for namesake. Amy has done a good job, she actually looked like a Robot. With all due respect to Rajni sir, I feel Rajni sir don’t look convincing as Robot. Nothing to do with his acting, it’s his age. After seeing Amy and Rajni in the same frame I felt it’s very important to have a body language like a Robot which was missing for Chitti’s character. But still, I bow down to Rajni sir for pulling it off at such age that too in style.


AR Rahman, you are a genius. Background score is top-notch. Especially the background music for Akshay’s character is mind-blowing. The movie has only one song “Tu hi re” which comes in the last. I am glad 2.0’s team didn’t mess up this movie with many songs or item numbers because in science fiction you don’t need many songs. Beats are catchy and give you a futuristic feel.


OMG. The VFX used in this movie is truly world-class. I can assure you that these visuals are never seen before in Indian Film Industry. VFX was better than Bahubali. I can say without a doubt that 2.0 is the best VFX movie Indian has ever produced. Mark my word this movie truly has world-class VFX. I can proudly say that this is an Indian movie. From the beginning with the 3D Titles till the last scene each and every scene is a treat to watch in 3D. Maybe the trailer looked cartoonish but if you go and see the movie, trust me except a few scenes here and there, you won’t find anything unrealistic. Make sure you watch it in 3D.

Final verdict:

I wanted to give 2.5/5 stars to the movie(cutting marks for story and screenplay) but I am giving 1 star extra for VFX and Shankar’s Vision. 3.5/5 stars to the movie. I request you guys to go and see the movie. It will make you proud as an Indian. The movie has a beautiful message and it keeps you engaged too. Definitely, you should give a shot. The action is on a different level. I am gonna watch again with my friends. Many of you would feel that it’s a one time watch. I agree too but seeing such an effort and class in an Indian cinema I felt overwhelmed and proud.

Thanks for your valuable time.

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