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The Most Satisfying TV Series to watch from start to finish

by Sangam Adhikari

If you’ll take a show and make it last a couple of seasons, you’re sure to have some issues keep things up to par. This is often why most of the good Television Series fail at the top, many signing off with clunkers.

So, In this article, We have listed 5 Television Series which are satisfying to watch from start to finish.

We’ve only made the list of the shows that have finished, and not only are satisfying along the way but also have a satisfying ending.

1. The Shield

The guy on the left there’s a cop. this could offer you a thought of what quite show this is often (it’s inspired by the RAMPART scandal in LA within the 90s.) But it’s not shocking just to be shocking, and every one of the choices of the characters on the show has consequences.

With incredibly graphic, mature, and emotional moments, it made you think that and feel long after each episode was over. And it ends, really, is that the only way it could. It’s perfect.

2. Breaking Bad

The main protagonist portrayed by Bryan Cranston of the series is a mild-mannered chemistry teacher just doing his best to supply for his family.

His son has cerebral palsy, and his wife just told him she’s pregnant again. Then he finds out he has cancer. Watching the very logical chain of consequences that’s departed by Walter’s next decisions is one among the foremost amazing and dramatic stories ever placed on TV.

It also results in a natural conclusion that matches perfectly.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A phenomenal show before its time that has given us tropes, twists, and neologisms that a lot of younger people probably don’t even realize.

Headed by Avengers’ director, Joss Whedon, and featuring a tremendous array of talent under him, it had been better than it had any right to be.

It took real chances with episodes wiped out complete silence, completely as a musical, and completely from a stalker’s POV.

It’s ending actually left room for more (it was later picked up by equivalent creators writing it in magazine form) but it had been satisfying from its meager start to its complex finish.

4. Farscape

A series so beloved by fans that it survived 3 cancellations, it had been far and away from the highest-rated show on its network (The Sci-Fi Channel) but it had been terribly expensive to supply .

They cut some corners with budget within the final seasons, but unlike many shows that are cancelled timely , it got a 2-part movie to wrap things up quite well.

With twists on classic fantasy concepts pulled straight from old The Twilight Zone and ethical dilemmas and twists on characters like classic Star Trek, the show used a mixture of admittedly low-budget CG and practical and creature effects from The Henson Workshop. 

It’s a wealth of great character moments that ought to hook even non-sci-fi aficionados.

5. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack, A Animated TV Series nobody will argue about which season was the one where it began to worsen.

With gorgeous artwork that evokes traditional Japanese paintings, and perfectly-crafted music that ranges from kodo drums to deal with beats to sea shanties, the series comments and honors culture from an enormous spectrum of traditional and modern influences.

Some episodes are revisions of classical mythological dilemmas, while others are clear tributes to classic video games, Kurosawa films, or crime noir novels. Like numbers 2–4 on this list, this series too had a “false ending” before returning for a final season to wrap things up properly.

With moments of great joy and real tragedy, this is often a show that ought to never be written off as “just a cartoon”.

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