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Luke Skywalker Series In Development For Disney Plus?

by Sangam Adhikari

If you saw the season finale for The Mandalorian, you recognize exactly what Star Wars fans are freaking out about. What appeared like alittle cameo from a personality during the show, might end up to be something much larger. FandomWire is reporting that a Luke Skywalker series is in development. Now that’s a reasonably loaded term, and let’s break down what it means.

In development doesn’t mean it’s getting to shooting. In development means the ideas are being tossed around, they could be having writers performing on the preliminary sketches of the series. That’s it. So while this could be exciting news, it’s by no means a certainty . That’s why we’re simply calling it a rumor for immediately.

The fan reaction to Luke’s big scene within the season finale was gargantuan. If you’re keen on Star Wars, you liked the episode. That’s really what I can draw from it. Now the opposite issue is that it had been an actor with “de-ageing” technology within the episode. So, this doesn’t mean that Mark Hamill is returning. But if the technology gets better within the time from this rumour to an actual show, who knows immediately this is often pure speculation on the first source’s part.

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