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Will the Movie ‘Joker (2019)’ bring DC back in the race?

by Sangam Adhikari

Joker movie alone will not singlehandedly make DC superior over Marvel in movie. Marvel still has the advantage because they make better Marvel movies. However, the Joker will revive faith in the DC fans and make DC a serious rival once again.

People don’t understand how the Joker is making waves. Some MCU fans don’t understand why Joker is getting so much praise. Allow me to explain.

The Joker recently won the Golden Lion in the Venice International Film Festival (VIFF). How important was the Golden Lion? Its regarded as one of the film industry’s most prestigious and highly qualified awards. It means that in order to get the Golden Lion award, the movie has to be faced against not only great movie films, but also go through the grading criteria of the best of the best critics.

Those critics don’t care about political bias (a political movie will NOT get a golden lion automatically), they are the best of the best critics. And you know what? The Joker movie was voted as the Golden Lion winner which meant that not only did Joker beat the other movies that were great, but also the critics in VIFF liked it (and those critics are harsh).

That nullifies the rotten tomato scores, because no matter how low it is, the Joker already proved that it is one of the best comic book movies of all time by getting the golden lion. Not to mention, but there’s something fishy about Rotten Tomatoes.

In one review, this critic gave Hustlers a C, and it was certified as fresh. But the same critic gave Joker a C grade, and it was certified… as rotten. The reason why there’s controversy is because people think the Joker will influence mass shootings (which is honestly ridiculous, because before the Joker was released there is already 40,000 mass shootings in the world alone). There was another review that was mostly positive, but he mentions one sentence that talked trash about the movie, and it was certified as rotten.

So just remember kids, although Disney doesn’t own Rotten Tomatoes, don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes.

The thing that is holding DC back is that although they made the first successful superhero movie, they are inconsistent (also some people prefer the lighter tone of the MCU).

The MCU, as much as some fans say they are generic, are consistent. Most of their movies have enjoyable moments. although I believe there are some movies that I can’t watch more htan once (Captain Marvel, Ant Man 2, Spider Man Far from Home) they still have enjoyable qualities and have fans that like the movies.

Lets face it guys. In terms of live action Marvel has DC beaten, even if the Joker was released right now. The Joker movie could not singlehandedly beat the entire MCU.

But what the Joker movie can do is that it can revive the interest in DC movies.

The point is, Marvel may have made more movies that are consistent and in better quality. So instead of trying to compete with Marvel by using their formula or a variation of the Marvel formula, DC should have tried to make artistic movies that transcend the superhero genre.

Theres a reason why many people consider Logan, and Into the Spider Verse as one of the best superhero movies of all time. And that’s because they weren’t generic superhero movies, they had deeper themes and better dialogue. Heck, even Deadpool was groundbreaking because of the fact that Deadpool made so much money even though it was Rated R.

Sure, MCU made Captain Marvel, which grossed over a billion dollars, but to some of the fans it wasn’t good movie. DC made the first comic superhero film, and the first female superhero film (Supergirl, released in 1984), while Marvel made the first female superhero film in 2005. (Yeah, there was a Captain America film in 1944, but that doesn’t count as a real film since it was serialized).

DC made the first successful super heroine movie, it made the Dark Knight trilogy, it just made the first superhero film focused only on the villain, and it will make the first female group superhero movie (that is also rated R, beating MCU for that).

The point is, I think Joker will not make the DC better than the MCU. But it will make DC a serious rival to the MCU, and it will leave a similar legacy like the MCU in terms of taking risks.

Because the DCEU does not represent the entire DC film industry. Yeah, Man of steel was divided, and Justice League, BVS, and Suicide Squad are bad movies. But people forget the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Batman (1980 films with Michael Keaton), the Christopher Reeves super man movies were good. Not to mention, DC made the first female superhero movie that had positive reviews, a movie that showed being a superhero is fun, and is going to make their first female ensemble superhero group that is also rated R.

Likewise, the MCU doesn’t represent Marvel films entirely. I think MCU fans tend to forget that there are Marvel movies that are better than most MCU movies (ex: Spider Man 1 and 2, Into the Spider Verse, X-Men Days of Future Past and First Class, Logan, Deadpool).

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