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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2022

by Edward Butler

If you have a plan to earn lots of money in the dropshipping store, the result depends mostly on the items you’re selling.

The key success factor is to choose a dropshipping product that is popular but is not over-glutted yet. If you manage to combine well-known dropshipping products that vaguely associate with your hobbies, you’ve on a roll. It can be simpler for you to propose these items as you are interested in them and know the niche deeply.

So, in this article, you’ll explore the list of the most trending dropshipping products in 2022 and where to find them!

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon is the best platform to investigate what is popular among users overseas. If you do dropship product research, you will find out that it is easier to sell things that solve problems and have a wow effect. CBD Gummies, water bottles, rear cameras, and wireless chargers are on the same list. Amazon offers vendors to compare dropshipping product taxes of various importers and choose the most suitable to the situation.

eBay Watch Count

eBay platform tracks the items that registered customers add to the eBay watch lists. The platform can diversify most-watched items according to the region, price, categories, and so on. Enter keywords to the search section and investigate the best dropshipping products represented on the site.

The ‘What’s Hot on eBay” button can show the most trending goods the customers add to the watching lists. Sports items like yoga mats, resistance bands, and various beauty accessories like artificial nails can range your dropshipping store to the top.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab

SaleHoo Market Research Lab is a special instrument that can save you a lot of time on item investigation. It uses the data from both eBay and Amazon to assist to figure out the most beneficial dropshipping product ideas.

Vendors can compare sales trends, statistics, seasonal trends, such as New Year decorations and Valentine cards, crypto wallets, dogs’ beds, and accessories, Nespresso and water filters, and many other trending things to purchase.

You can compare and analyze the profits between similar items, find low-cost suppliers, and start earning as soon as you want.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a tool launched by the AliExpress platform to help vendors rule their dropshipping stores more successfully. Its main aim is to assist dropshippers to get the best goods to propose. 

For instance, vendors can apply the Trusted Supplier Rank option to arrange the suppliers according to their reliability, sales, and time on the platform. It helps to select the best dropshipping product importer among the thousands on the platform.

AliExpress also offers a Hot Products section, that will help you compare which goods are now much sought-after, like makeup jewels, kerchieves, smart soap dispensers, car seat covers, and hair catchers.

Google Trends

What tool can calculate trends better than Google Trends? In fact, 89% of people use Google search when they need any type of information, including the one about dropshipping product description and its popularity. This instrument shows the diagram if you enter any keyword that describes how trendy this item is in Google search. It is very suitable to compare any item’s popularity depending on the season change.

It is very clear to notice on the diagram that beach towels and swimwear are more trendy in the summer season if we consider the northern hemisphere.


Being in fact a social media network, Pinterest offers to create a customer’s profile and leave comments, follow users, and exchange messages. However, the application works much more compared to Google.

Users traditionally apply it to gather shopping inspiration and make boards for the following projects they are planning. Pinterest contains many priceless data that can be very useful for a market investigation. 

Once you’ve got a dropshipping product idea in mind, visit Pinterest to find out the level of popularity. For instance, you can consider the search volume of keywords in the Pinterest ad creation tool. If you want to get the most stunning shower head, night LED lights, or a smart robot vacuum cleaner, Pinterest is the place to get inspiration and gather useful data to analyze the trends.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to open a successful dropshipping store in the next year, it is essential to do marketing research of popular trends and what these trends depend on. You can be very surprised by the fact how many great options you find.

Moreover, there are plenty more dropshipping product ideas, and if you have some more, then feel free to share your suggestions in the comments! We would love to know!

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