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Why did Kim Jong-un disappeared for a week

by Sangam Adhikari

A broadcast network in Hong Kong has claimed that Kim died, citing an “excellent source.” But, on the same date, a Japanese magazine reported late Friday that he is in “a vegetative state.” On Kim’s home turf, the North Korean media has acted as if everything is perfectly normal.

Kim failed to appear at a recent annual celebration where he has always appeared in the past (the anniversary of the birth of the Republican National Army — which is usually celebrated in much the same way as the Fourth of July is in the United States).

The famous announcer didn’t even mention his absence. The crowds were unusually cheery, even for North Korea. They had this huge 2020–5–1 date displayed in the background. North Korea doesn’t usually use our calendar. This was clearly to signal he was alive.

Kim had a mysterious big red dot in the middle of his anterior (palmar) right forearm. It’s too big for an IV puncture mark. But there is usually no artery at that location. Kim was looking bloated, and he was chain-smoking. So far, for concerns about his heart, Kim’s sister Kim Yo-Jong was looking more self-assured than usual. She had a new hair accessory.

But MOST of all: Kim Jong-Un was looking entirely out of it. No stage presence whatsoever. Even people at the factory overtook him in charisma.

Maybe he could have some nervous breakdown, or did something embarrassing, and lost (some of) his perks and privileges. Like his brother had when he was caught visiting Disneyland. One must not forget that the only source of power the Kim family has, is at the mercy of their military. If they collectively were to refuse an order, that’s the end of it. OR there was a soft, pre-planned coup by the military to begin with, supported or orchestrated by the Chinese, whence the false rumors.

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