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Was the Philadelphia Experiment a hoax?

by Sangam Adhikari

It is finally time to put the Philadelphia Experiment (PE) to bed; today, finally, we have enough information to close the mystery case. No criminal charges, no international court hearing on inhuman activities, i.e., as the Germans experienced after WWII. The only potential area left would be the top-secret technology of the time, still being held secret today. Was the whole story a myth? Or, did it happened, and then made to believe it is a myth – creating a HOAX!

Motivation to create a HOAX!

Just presume for just one minute that it did happen, and most of the story is true (not all). Supposedly, the experiment was not the first experiment conducted by the Navy using the technology, and even common sense dictates that scenario. They would use animals first, and just like we did in space, however, this particular experiment was to test the human effects of using the technology. They (again supposedly) already knew they could make a ship invisible, but what they did not know, what the crew members’ effects were.

It was the effects of the crew members that demanded to create a HOAX. The top secrecy of the technology was also a factor since the U.S. was in a cold war with Russia. Still, humanity crimes committed by the Nazis were more of a potential threat to many American scientists, professors, military personnel, and government elites. The crew members were to be used as guinea pigs, and the Navy knew they were no different than the Nazis.

The leak and it starts to grow.

The Navy’s problems all started with the crew members that survived and was sent to Bethesda Hospital with mental disorders, and with other health issues. Some remembering the experiment and telling family members. The families putting the stories together realized their men were used as guinea pigs and started demanding answers from both the Navy and the government. How the government silenced the families is immaterial; the real problem, the experiment begun circulating in the public and it was imperative it needed to be stopped before any legal consequences developed, plus Russian spies homing in on the technology.

The only plug the Navy could use

The decision was to create a diversion, too many people by then knew portions of the experiment and its effects. They needed to create a make-believe whistleblower, someone who witnessed the test from another ship. They gave this imaginary entity the name of Carlos Allende, and they introduced him to the public through a science fiction book on UFOs authored by a scientist who witnessed the PE as a naval contractor working for a company called Murray. This author, Morris J. Jessup, played a significant role with the Navy in creating the conspiracy story; in fact, too major!

Russia wanted the (supposed) technology

It is believed today since Russian spies wanted to kidnap Jessup, that Russia unraveled the Navy’s make-believe conspiracy plot and knew Jessup was the fictitious Allende; he was the one who witnessed the PE and knew the technology, or at least the science behind the technology. A suicide of Jessup was staged to remove him from the Russians; another human life lost (supposedly a Russian spy). Jessup was then living in the alias life of Carlos Allende until he died in 1992. Before his death, he disclosed information to an author with the stipulation that she wait 10 to 15 years before publishing her book. The book published in 2012. ‘HOAX The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled’ by P.J. Dowers ISBN 9761620301807


The PE was both a myth and also factual. A lot of books, articles, etc. generated these past 73 years since the PE on this subject, but it took a retired secretary and her son to unravel the mystery and but the whole thing to bed.

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