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Payoneer: Currently the service does not support the selected payment route [Solved]

by Sangam Adhikari

If you’re into Freelancing & Dropshipping business, You surely have heard about Payoneer. Payoneer is a quick & easy solution to receiving payments worldwide. It’s a new & alternative way of getting paid for performing services or freelance works.

Although, Payoneer is not a payment gateway like Paypal which can be used for a wide variety of transactions. Payoneer has some strict regulations on how we use their service.

Giving the introduction to Payoneer, Let’s get to our issue “Currently the service does not support the selected payment route”.

Personally, I’ve faced this issue as well as I’ve known people having the same issues. Today, I will be explaining why this issue occurs in your Payoneer account and how to solve it.

  1. Technical Issues: The main reason of the problem we’re having is a Payoneer internal server issue. If you’re getting the “Not supported Payment route” message, wait 24 hours to see if the problem goes away on its own. If the problem persists, you should contact their Customer Support team.
  2. Same Country: You may run into this issue if you are requesting payment from someone or a company in the same country. It isn’t applicable for all countries. This is done to prevent you from requesting money from another account on your own.
  3. Source of funding: Source of funding is another reason for the issue requesting payment from payoneer.
    This was a problem for me because of it. To get my payments through 2checkout, I added 2checkout as a source of funding in my payoneer account, which resulted in the deactivation of my “Request Payment” option. Fortunately, I was able to resolve the problem by contacting customer service and requesting that 2checkout remove my name off their payout list.
    Keep an eye on your payoneer account if you’ve lately added a new source of funding.
  4. Unsupported busines: Payoneer’s “businesses to get paid by other businesses” regulation states that you can only request payment for professional and commercial transactions. Payoneer monitors each payment request submitted by users on a regular basis, and if they identify that you’re using request payment for other purposes, such as selling items to consumers or self-loading, they can block you from using the payment request service without notice.
  5. Not Used Request feature for long time: Payoneer’s Information for Receivers states that if you don’t use the request feature for a long time, they may temporarily limit your access to the Request Payment feature. You can just contact their Customer Support to re-enable it.

The majority of circumstances in which you are unable to request payment through Payoneer are due to a technical issue on Payoneer’s end. If you have a problem, I recommend contacting their customer service, which is usually very helpful. Also, have some identification documents on hand, such as your passport, utility bills, and location verification documents, in case they need to confirm it’s you who’s calling.

Although Payoneer Customer Support is available to assist you, if you require any additional information, you can simply reply to this article and I will do my best to assist you based on my own experience with the same issue.

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