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The 5 Effective Ways To Understand Chess

by Ryan Wilson

Chess is a board game with a capacity of two players 1v1. It consists of a board with a check pattern and 16 pieces for each player. These pieces are also called chessmen, but professional players call them “materials.”

Chess is a brilliant game to sharpen your mind and enhance your ability to make quick decisions. There are various ways to study chess nowadays, but given the current economic situation, it is better to attend an online chess academy, which can help you understand the game safely.

Understanding Chess:

To play chess better, we should understand how to play it with strategy and tactics. There are many ways to do it, but the best way is to start thinking about these 5 points To understand and get better at chess.


Chess has a total of 32 pieces; Each player has a total of 16 articles. Eight pawns move forward but capture diagonally, which may advance two squares on their first move but otherwise only one at a time and never move backward.

Two knights, which move in an ‘L’ shape—two squares North/South and one square East/West or vice-versa—are the only pieces that can jump over others.

Two bishops move diagonally, one being tethered permanently to light squares and one to dark squares.

Two rooks, which move in straight lines, either forward/backward or side-to-side.

One queen, which combines the mobility of the bishops and rooks to drag both straight and diagonally.

One king, which can move one square in any direction.


Before we start the game, remember the first 3 to 5 moves are crucial for the rest of the game. In the first move, you have to move the pawn, but see that whatever you move, you can’t expose yourself to your rival; if you do so, the opponent will have the upper hand in the game.

So keep your first moves less exposed and think twice or thrice before moving your pieces so, that you can have the upper hand in the game.


Strategy is the most important thing in this game. You can see professional people and notice that every player has his strategy to play chess. So you have to make your strategy according to how your game is going.

Making strategies will help you improve your game and read the game faster. This will also help you sharpen your mind for any difficult situation. 


Having the ability to tackle any situation is known as tactics chess; it is very important to have the ability to attack. When a rival player plays a good move on you, your tactics will help you play a better move than his. It will help you think faster and better than the situation you are in.

For learning good tactics, you should play with different players and notice how they tackle you and whichever move you like, remember that and use it in other games you play.


The most important thing in chess, Which makes you a good player, is how you read your opponent’s mind and overtake his game by playing with his mind.

In normal words, you have to be sharper than your opponent. If you do so, you will easily beat your opponent, but if he is a good player, he will give you a tough time, and time is essential in chess, So you have to think fast and sharp. That is the reason why chess is the best game to sharpen your mind.

How to read a Chess Game?

Keeping all these things will help you play and learn chess better than normal players. Moving to mind-reading, strategy, tactics, and knowing your opponent allows you to have a great mind in real life and makes you a good and patient person because patience is a very good thing to have, and no one can teach it better chess.

Another crucial step is to have athletes’ spirit because you can’t play sports if you don’t have sportsmen spirit. Winning or losing is just a part of who plays better. 

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