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The Complete Guide to Fixing Google Contacts

by Rosen Rosenberger


Google Contact is one of the most frequently used contact management tools on the planet. It coordinates and stores contact information as a crucial component of Google’s web applications suite. Remarkably, this is the most critical function that it serves for both professional and personal fields.

But is there any way to extract the maximum benefits from most of the Google contacts to organize your contact information? The answer is YES, you can! In this present guide, we will share some best tips and hacks to fix google contacts.

How Do Google Contacts Work?

Google contacts keep running in the background and keep your Gmail contacts updated and synced. However, this is much more than a mere address book. Contacts get auto-added to the Google Contacts from Gmail. However, there are options to create new contacts and edit the existing ones manually.

These contacts involve certain basic information such as email address, company, phone number, job title, surname, and first name. In addition, it is possible to add notes about a particular contact by creating separate labels. Therefore managing google contacts is as systematic as the process to fix Avast High CPU Usage.

How To Organize The Google Contacts?

As we have mentioned above, you can incorporate labels into your Google Contacts as and when needed. The titles are found on the left-hand side of the Google Contacts Homepage.  It helps you to easily visualize the contacts and identity that which contact in on which group.

Furthermore, you will notice a summative overview of all the contacts, including frequently contacted ones, merged contacts, fixed contacts, and other contacts. 

How To Merge The Existing Contacts?

It’s not very rare to face the challenges of duplicate contacts on Gmail or Google Contacts. Nevertheless, Google Contacts provides a feasible option to fix contacts by merging them. It self-reviews the contact records to detect those that are duplicates. It is then displayed under the ‘Merge and Fix’ option. 

You can easily monitor the contact records and decide if they could be updated or merged. Precisely, the platform allows you to fix and regulate Google Contacts effectively using multiple features.

What Are The Processes Involved In Undoing The Changes

Did you make a mistake while editing the contacts? There is nothing for you to be worried about. Google Contacts allows you to replace the contacts to their original state within 30 days after taking action.  

Are you eager to know the procedure? Then, click on the ‘Settings’ option on the top-right corner of your screen and hit the ‘Undo Changes.’ The system would then ask you to select a specific time by which you had made the changes. Follow the instructions accordingly, and you are all set.


You should put these strategies into action now that you know how to fix Google Contacts. These particular traits have remained unnoticed over the years, despite the fact that they are essential “Life Hacks.”

So take advantage of all of these features to get the greatest results.

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