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10 Upcoming Mobile Technologies Of 2021

by Mashum Mollah


In order to call yourself a tech-pro, get your hands on every emerging technology. Even if you cannot use all of them at once, the least you can do is to have a basic idea about them. In addition, staying updated with the technology trends will help you stay ahead of your competitors if you are a businessperson. 

The best place to become familiar with the latest technologies in your mobile phone. You do not need big gadgets or high-performing computers to get to know them. Becoming fluent in mobile technologies is equally essential for an individual designer as well as for a company. 

You must be confused among the wide range of information available on the internet about the trending mobile technologies. But, not to worry, today we will talk about some of such upcoming technological advancements in this article. 

Top 10 Emerging Mobile Technologies In 2021 

There are innumerable mobile technology waves that will disrupt the market in this year only. But, before that, it is better to upgrade your knowledge or your business processes from a technical viewpoint to stay competitive.

1. Home Controlling With Mobile App

This year, smartphone users will be able to regulate different aspects of their residency even. Honeywell is a very prominent example in this case. Through their thermostats, users can coordinate temperature from their devices even when the mobile owner is not present at home at that moment. 

Indeed, this is one innovative technology that companies are=nd consumers will start to adapt. 

2. Apps For Transportation

There are already transportation apps in the market like Uber. Furthermore, there are applications for bus, flight, and train schedules. But recently, platforms like ‘Bird’ are introducing location detection features. You can locate electric vehicles in your area and go for a ride as per app instructions. 

3. Incorporation of Augmented Reality Into The Apps

The use of augmented reality in smartphones is similar to a ‘hot cake’ now. Certain games are there where the technology superimposes a computer-made image of the real world. 

Pokemon Go is a widely recognized example of this. So stay tuned because many more AR-enabled games are on their way. 

4. Location-Based Services And Geofencing

Do you know that you are proactively allowing your app and device to track your location? Maybe you don’t because we simply tend to ignore the screen instructions or terms & conditions wherever we do this.  

But location-based services are taking the entire technological era into a new path. It is pretty straightforward to target customer groups if you know their location. So a number of businesses are implying geofencing tools to expand their customer base. 

5. Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The implementation of AI is not brand new in this world that also in the mobile industry. We have seen AI software like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. But, at present, uncountable regular apps are employing voice recognition tools and AI to kick the user satisfaction date. 

So definitely, it is a very crucial upcoming trend that you should be aware of. 

6. Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Business personnel nowadays are trying to maintain visibility on multiple platforms simultaneously. It is why we see a rising number of applications on various app stores. So naturally, the number directly connects to the international gross app revenue. 

Businesses have previously been cautious about debuting on both platforms at the same time due to the hefty expenses. However, with the cross-platform model now, downloading apps from two platforms is more straightforward.  

7. Biometrics Through Mobile 

Biometrics is vital these days in the technological and business world. Therefore, mobile apps are embedding this technology as a security tactic for users. To be very precise, mobile biometrics include voice recognition, face recognition, signature recognition, and fingerprints. 

Among these, we are quite familiar with fingerprint locks and facial recognition unlock systems, but the remaining two aspects are emerging. For example, the newest iPhone models and Android models also have face unlock. Moreover, some apps are already introducing biometrics and fingerprints on top of 2-factors authentication.  

8. Virtual Reality Applications 

In addition to artificial intelligence and augmented reality, virtual reality is expected to magnify this year. Basically, these apps require something more than a tablet or smartphone. To operate these apps, users need to put on specific glasses or helmets.

Also, there might be different controllers and joysticks for hassle-free pairing with the application. It seems that this technology is quoted as distinctive, and it will be a disruptor again.  

9. Multiple In-app Gestures 

Button phones are on the verge of becoming obsolete all over the world. Now, who does not use touch phones? From day-to-day life to emergency business meetings, smartphones relate intrinsically to our life. 

Swiping is now widely used to perform actions such as sharing or removing a specific in-app activity or material. As a result, recent technical developments have ushered influence swipes, controls scrolls, and double taps. Nowadays, innovative in-app gestures are gaining a place as the prominent parts of the user interface of any application. 

10. Minimalistic Interface 

It is pretty natural to get confused with a large number of designs in applications. However, it is where a minimal UI takes the lead. It ensures that all the users are understanding and being able to use the application effortlessly. This evolving mobile technology is slowly penetrating the market, and we expect it will be disruptive shortly. 


Now that you know some of the forthcoming technological advancements in mobile phones, you must acquire competence by now. In addition to these, the upcoming industry standards will be depending on these. Therefore, sooner or later, your knowledge will indeed become fruitful.

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