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Top 3 Upcoming Tablets That You Should Keep an Eye On

by Nur Adleena Binti Mohdazmy

The tech industry is ever-growing and there is always something new that is about to be launched. True tech enthusiasts are already looking forward to new releases even if there has yet to be any official news on the release.

If you want to be on top of the tech game, here are some rumored upcoming tablets that you should pay close attention to.

Apple iPad Mini

The last time the Apple iPad Mini got an upgrade was in 2019 so a refresh for the tablet might be coming real soon. Apple recently released the newest generation of the iPad Pro and the iPad Air in the first half of 2021, So tech experts are anticipating the new iPad Mini to be released somewhere in the second half of the year or perhaps in early 2022.

It is hard to tell what Apple has in store for the next generation of the iPad Mini, but we might just see major redesigns to the exterior of the tablet.

There are also speculations that the iPad Mini will have similar design elements to the iPad Pro, like the flat edges and thin bezels.

There are also expectations for Apple to equip the iPad Mini with the A14 Bionic chip, but some also say that the tablet might be equipped with the yet-to-be-released A15 Bionic chipset.

There are also rumors that the iPad Mini will be accompanied by a smaller keyboard and a smaller Apple Pencil. While these upgrades might not be too advanced, it is already enough to pique the interest of Apple users, especially those who are already fans of the iPad Mini.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

While iOS fans have the iPad to look forward to, Android fans might want to keep an eye on the rumored release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Samsung tablets are the top choice for Android users, and they are especially popular in Southeast Asia where there are more Android users than there are iOS users.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPad Pro so many tech enthusiasts are hoping that the Galaxy Tab S8 will step up to the game.

Judging from how Samsung has designed and upgraded the previous generation of tablets, experts are saying that the Galaxy Tab S8 will see a lot of improvements in terms of size and software. Users might be getting a larger tablet and there are also claims of a better camera system.

Experts are also speculating that Galaxy Tab S8 might be equipped with a Qualcomm chipset that has yet to be released, to ensure fast speed and high efficiency. Since the Galaxy Tab S series is characterized by is the S Pen, there is no doubt that the stylus will also be present in the next release.

The Galaxy Tab S7 is already a crowd favorite which is why Samsung fans are already awaiting the arrival of the Galaxy Tab S8, even if there is no definite release date yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Some tablet users get the device as a companion to their computer, but the Microsoft Surface Pro series was developed for users who want to replace their computers with a more versatile tablet.

The device has been regularly updated by Microsoft ever since it was released but there was no new Microsoft Surface Pro in 2020, which leaves experts and fans to speculate a refresh to be launched in late 2021 or early 2022.

There has not been much news about the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, but that just leaves room for more speculations on what is to be expected. One thing that experts are looking forward to is seeing the tablet run on Windows 11, assuming that the launch date of the device is not too soon.

There are also expectations for a better camera and battery on the new Surface Pro 8 since more people are using their devices for meetings and video calls. These are just some upgrades that users would like to see on the Surface Pro 8 but if Microsoft does manage to include these features into the device, there will be no doubt that it will sell well.

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