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How powerful can a rooted android device be

by Sangam Adhikari

How powerful can the person be who is using the rooted Android device? The sky is the limit. A user of a rooted Android device has full and unfettered control over the Android OS and its core filesystem.

Rooting doesn’t make your phone powerful or something like that. It’s just the choice of every user to root their android phone to the extent at any field which cannot be even imagined on a standard Android device.

  • Rooting usually voids your warranty; this is because the manufacturer understands that once you root your phone, you can do anything with it. You could change your CPU clock and GPU clock, change how the device responds to your input, set it to be more conservative with the battery (these tricks require a custom kernel like ElementalX and an app called Kernel Adiutor). You can also change the screen density and accommodate more stuff on your screen. You can change the default speaker output to a little more than usual for louder volume (at the risk of frying your speaker). The first step towards rooting involves unlocking your bootloader, and this is the step that makes your device insecure, leading to warnings on many phones.
  • It allows for more of inter-app communication, patching of apps by other apps (for bug resolution purposes only!), and generally makes your phone lesser secure. This used to be especially useful before Google integrated permissions into their framework. We could use another app to control and change the permissions asked by an app.
  • It gives you full control over the directories on your phone. So if you were not able to change the boot animation, you could do it when you’re rooted. Also, since an app can access any directory, there are many apps on the Play Store which help you remove bloatware (stuff the manufacturers put in, and you don’t need); it usually makes your phone faster. This also means that a rogue app can completely destroy your phone. So please download apps from trusted sources only! Read it’s reviews, see XDA. Avoid torrent APKs unless you completely trust the uploader.
  • It will allow you to install various mods that require root privileges. I personally use – Amplify, CF.lumen, ES File Explorer, Greenify, Titanium Backup, and Viper4Android as root apps. Because of these apps, my phone lifestyle has considerably improved. For example, I get better battery life (due to Amplify and Greenify), I can sleep better (Cf.lumen), I have access to root folders (ES), I can make quick backups of my phone (Titanium), and I probably have the best audio driver for Android (Viper).

Rooted devices are also used to illegally hack Wi-Fis, but that requires Kali Linux (RIP, WEP keys), and they can be used to steal data. Also, rooted devices do not receive OTA updates… but who cares? If you can root, you can surely flash a ROM.

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