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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a New Laptop

by Sangam Adhikari

There are many things people don’t look out while buying a laptop. It’s a festive season now. So many companies give out exciting offers. People don’t do any research on what matters or what type of laptop they need or really want. It was always what just grabbed their attention without caring that much on what the device was or wasn’t capable of. So people make decisions in a rush and end up with a potato laptop.

All laptops have trade-offs somewhere on what they can do or how they do it or how they are built. Some have awesome battery life but are terrible at the game performance. Some are awesome at game performance but are terrible at battery life. Some are super cheap, and some are high in price but with that also great build quality usually. Thus, We recommend doing your own research and figure out what is important to you and then start to decide what laptop to get.

Setup Your Budget

Before you start to look for different types of laptops on the Internet, We strongly suggest you to first estimate your Budget for the Laptop. As there is a lot of specifications of Laptops in the market, Estimating the budget for your Laptop before makes less confusing and makes the search simpler.

You can set up a budget accordingly. You can add additional features if you got more budget, or you may have to put off some less necessary things from your list.


There are two kinds of specification SetT First one Being Personal Interest-Based and the second one Being the Performance-based

Interest-based Specification Set

This specification set depends upon your personal choice and preference.

1. Laptop Type

There are various types of laptops available in the market characterized based on their screen sizes, usage, and some other features. Below is the list of them.

  • NetBook: These are usually small and lightweight, these portable laptops vary in screen size from 10 to 11 inches. Therefore, they are the most power-efficient laptops available in the market but a bit underpowered. They have no optical drive and are ideal for budget users and people who travel a lot while working.
  • Ultrabook: Ultrabooks are the slim, lightweight, and stylish genre of Laptops. They have high-end configurations and prices high than conventional laptops, and some may even have touchscreens—ideal for travelers and advanced users.
  • NoteBook (Recommended): These are the most common types of laptops that we see. They come in mid- and high-end configurations and mostly scattered at all price range. This kind of laptop has large hard disk and RAM capacities and built to meet entertainment as well as graphics-intensive requirements.

2. Screen Size

Now that you have chosen your laptop type there may be a few screen size available for you. If you need a battery efficient device than I will recommend you to go with laptops having screen size 14 inches or less. If you need better graphics and nice movie experience than go for 14 inches and above. (recommended 15.6 inches)

3. Secondary Storage

This includes a Physical Hard Drive for storing your personal data. It’s completely your choice which kind of hard disk you prefer and how much space you want, it all depends on your needs. for your information I must tell you that there are 2 kinds of hard disks.

  1. SSD: Solid State hard disk is a fast, less fragile and durable data storage disk but way too expensive.
  2. HDD (Recommended): HDD (Hard Disk Drive) on the other hand is the more commonly used and offers more storage as less price.

Recommend: HDD with disk space at least 1TB.

4. Touch Screen

Touch Screen feature in Laptops is evolving just like the touch features in the smartphone during at the start of touch revolution. There is not much to do with touch screen in laptops for a normal user. If you prefer it then you can check out it too. Below is the list of some Pros and Cons of this feature.

Pros: You can tap to select, hold and drag to move items, swipe to scroll and pinch to zoom.

Cons: This feature is currently available on select Windows laptops and select Chromebooks.

Performance based Specification Set

1. Processor

Basics of Processor

The processor is the most important part of your computer that drives your whole computer. powerfull is the processor, faster is the execution. Power of the processor is calculated by its clock speed means number of instruction executed per second. when you say a 2GHz processor than it means 2 billion instruction executed per second. when you play a high end game or run some heavy application software you need the instruction exectuion way more than 2GHz.

Intel or AMD?

There are two major companies that make processors for personal computers viz, Intel and AMD. At least 90% of the time user go for Intel it’s not because AMD is not good enough but it’s because intel processors are more common in the market and most of the consumers have a satisfactory experience with Intel’s current processor series i.e. i3, i5, i7. For this very reason, I will recommend you to go with Intel.

Recommended: Intel

i3 or i5 or 17?

All three processors from intel are equally good but designed to serve different purposes. Due to limited no. of laptops available with top-notch i3 processors we consider it less efficient but it is not completely true. There is 3 major processors embedded laptop majorly available in the market. (i5 and i3)

Intel i3 4005u 3M Cache 1.7Ghz: This is the 4th generation i3 processor from intel and currently ruling the market. It has 2 cores and 4 thread (primary execution unit). (Recommended for general purpose users)

Intel i3 5010u 3M Cache 2.1Ghz: This is the latest 5th generation i3 processor from Intel and will take the position of i3 4005U in few months. currently, there are only a few laptops available with this laptop but if you find one that suits you I think this is the best buy. (Recommended for general Purpose users and Students)

Intel i5 5200M 2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 2.7Ghz): This is the 5th generation i5 processor that comes with most of the i5 laptops today. this processor is almost equivalent to Intel 13 5010U unless you really need the turbo boost. this is a standard processor to run some heavy software. I still recommend professional designers to go with the desktop but for starters this processor and above it will work just as fine.

Recommended for Students (to run heavy software), gamers and designers.

2. Primary Memory (RAM)

Ram is the primary memory that stores the temporary data while execution. RAM is faster than you secondary memory i.e. Hard disk, therefore your processor needs the data in faster memory i.e for faster execution. If you intend to run heavy software then it is recommended to use larger RAM it will speed up your computer. for general purpose, 4 GB RAM is considered as good. If you need more you can either go for the laptop with higher RAM or can externally attach additional RAM.

3. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU or Graphics Card)

A graphics card controls the display on your laptop. A powerful graphics card can render videos and graphics-intensive games easily, making them suitable for power users such as professional gamers or programmers.

usually, there are two kinds of graphics cards, the integrated graphics card that are included in the processor itself; the latest is the processor (latest generation) latest will be your integrated graphics card.

Another kind of graphics card is the Dedicated Graphics card. It enhances the graphics produced by your laptop and render the sophisticated graphics very smoothly so that you won’t get any lag.

Users who don’t play graphics-intensive games, edit videos or edit images, an integrated graphics card is ideal.

4. Operating System

The operating system is another important factor that you must consider while buying the laptop. There are different kinds of operating systems available for you, like 1. Windows 2. Ubuntu 3. Mac and other Linux based operating systems.

Windows operating system is the most famous and widely used operating system. If you are into apps and games, then you must buy a Laptop with Windows operating system because of the vast repository of apps and games available for this platform.

You can also choose not to buy any operating system with your laptop if you think you already have one with you, this will save you a few bucks.

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