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Is FC Barcelona right to sell Luis Suarez

by Sangam Adhikari

Luis Suarez has parted ways with FC Barcelona and joined Atletico Madrid. Luis Suarez was considered one of the finest strikers at Liverpool in 2014 but the biting incident had become problematic during the World Cup. Barca regained his confidence and the rest is history.

None of us imagined Luis Suarez would end his career in this way in Barcelona. Suarez arrived at a time when Barca needed him the most. Forming one of the deadliest attacking trios alongside Messi and Neymar that dominated world football. He was an absolute beast obsessed with finding the back of the net. He’s been involved with 295 goals in 283 games. The third highest goal scorer in Barça’s history with 198 goals and 97 assists. A golden boot in the era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

So, Is FC Barcelona right to get rid of Luis Suarez? The answer is obvious No. There’s no denying that Suarez has passed his prime, agreed. His runs are mistimed, agreed. His goalscoring capabilities are reduced. But should Barca have sold him? No, not at all.

He himself had said in the past that it would be great to have a new striker and fight for him with playtime and he was content on sitting on the bench. But selling him to title rivals just because Koeman is a pragmatist and thinks he can do major changes making it easier to challenge for UCL, is really not the way to go!

He did create an impact at times. His runs, when rightly timed, were capable of drawing attention of opposition defenders making the way for others to perform. Even in bad forms, he had been 2nd on top scorers list for years in La Liga. Leave current form, he has through his capabilities shown that he is one of the, if not the best Number 9 in the world.

What should have been done?

Barcelona should have bought another striker to the team who will fight for that striking position with Luis Suarez.

He’s already accustomed to the play and lifestyle of Barcelona. He understood the style Barca played and would still fit if the style were to be changed.

Suarez has scored 198 goals for Barcelona in his six years at Barcelona with tons of assists(97). This is not an easy thing to achieve. He’s one of the deadliest strikers in Europe. He would step up in big games and score the finest goals you’d ever seen.

Selling him to a rival club?

Now, that’s one of the harse decision Barcelona board made. He could go play as a first team player in any good teams in Europe like Ajax, Juventus, AC Milan e.t.c. It’s very likely Suarez is gonna cause problems when he faces Barcelona. He had a one year contract left. He should leave as legend scoring over 200 goals and assisting over 100 goals. Just take a look at the ridiculous numbers.

He’s a legend already in every league he’s played as he even won the golden boot in the Messi Ronaldo era with other may records.

Suarez wasn’t at his best last season but he should have been given a second chance. He’s still a world-class. A video of him crying while driving from the training ground after saying goodbye to his teammates even trended on Twitter.

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