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Will Lionel Messi’s Barca exit bring out the best in Dembele, Griezmann, and Coutinho

by Sangam Adhikari

Although it can be argued that he’s leaving impromptu because of the way the board is handling the situation. But the question always is who is he passing the Barcelona’s torch to after he leaves?

Legends always have successors:

The true art of legends (whether in sports or business ) and leaders is to effectively groom the next leader during their active days so that when they leave, their absence won’t be felt at all.

This is where Sir Alex Ferguson failed bitterly- how can he be in Old Trafford and the time he was leaving, he passed the baton to ex Everton coach Moses who totally started the downward spiral of the famous club, And till today, Manchester United haven’t been the same. Permit me to say he failed in leadership.

Ronaldinho passed the torch to Messi and also publicly praised him and told the world to watch out for him- Messi is yet to find a successor and he might just leave without one or will Ansu Fati be that person?

The rise of Dembele,Coutinho and Griezzmann:

Messi’s departure might prove to be a blessing in disguise for these 3 Barcelona’s players. Remember the El Clasico with Messi injured last two season; Barça still won 5:1.

As much as Messi is important in Barcelona, just wait and see new players that will take up the mantle and lead the club under the leadership and management of Ronald Koeman.

One of such player is Phillipe Coutinho; infact Barça’s board has said he is coming back to take up the Messi role, qnd with what he did at Bayern Munich we can expect more the Brazilian and ex Liverpool playmaker whose dream club has always been Barcelona.

Antoine Griezzmann is another player who I also believe will come out of his shell and lead Barça to the promised Land (just as cr7 exit made Benzema the star of the show at Bernabeu ).

With a similar playing style with Messi, he can replicate that success and magic we saw him do at Atletico Madrid. If Dembele can only overcome his injury woes, then the skies won’t just be his limit, it’s a stepping stone to success at Camp Nou for the Frenchman.


So weep not Barcelona fans for Lionel Messi’s departure, they are an unknown and uncrowned Messi-ah who will lead the players and save them from future humiliation and tearful defeats.

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