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The 10 features of the iPhone that makes it better than Android

by Sangam Adhikari

Android and iOS, both are the two most popular mobile OS options and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But this post does not emphasize on their merits and demerits. It rather highlights the facts that make Android the to-go option for the masses and why Android stands out amongst its competition.
In this article, We are going to discuss some points on which iPhone features are better than of Android

1. Display

The iPhone XS series (top OLED with the purchase price of up to $80) will undoubtedly out space most Android phones, with the strongest color quasi surface (although Samsung and Sony have the similar hardware, they can’t play their strength based on the following software reasons), supporting Dolby HDR10.

iPhone XR‘s LCD screen is also among the top level in the industry, only inferior to the XS series and Samsung’s flagship OLED. The color accuracy of this screen is better than that of most flagship android, and the equivalent resolution is also higher than that of most flagship android except Huawei mate 20 and mate 20 pros (Compared with the LCD screen, the resolution property of the OLED screen in row- P used in the flagship android will be reduced).

Since the iPhone 7, Apple has been using the P3 color gamut screen. The wide color gamut screen on Android has no meaning. Because the system does not know whether the screen is displaying sRGB or P3 at all, forcing the use of high color gamut screen will lead to color over-saturation and distortion. Therefore, the Δ-E value measured by an android with P3 color gamut is extremely high, and the hardware of high color gamut is just an ornament.

The same is true for the top screens on Samsung’s and Sony’s flagship Android phones, whose wide color gamut capabilities are completely wasted (but in non-wide-gamut mode, theirs are equally excellent). Considering that Android’s flagship screen be a burden on by the system, the iPhone is the only mobile phone on the market that can accurately display content with a color gamut exceeding sRGB. At the same time, all iPhone series have 120 Hz touch sampling, which is fluent and mellifluent follow your fingertips.

2. Processor

Even without A12, its a11 single-core performance surpasses all Android phones.

3. Speaker

Both the iPhone XS and the XR are equipped with stereo speakers, which are far superior to all other phones (except pixel 3) in sound quality and stereo effect. In particular, the XS series realizes 360-degree stereo inside such a small space as a mobile phone.

4. Biometrics

The security of face ID is incomparable to any other fingerprint identification system.

5. Video performance

The video performance mainly depends on the reading speed of CMOS. The iPhone’s CMOS can achieve 4K 60p or 1080p 240p video output, and the image quality is far better than any other mobile phone on the market. Especially when shooting 30p video, HDR can be achieved by inserting frames, which greatly improves the dynamic range of video. This function is exclusive in all smartphones. Not to mention its stereo microphone.

6. X-axis linear vibration motor

This is a tech that has been added to the iPhone 6S era. There is also a vibration motor on the loudspeaker, which is very small and exquisite. Whether it’s upvote on Quora or refreshing the page on youtube, your hand will feel a little vibration feedback, which is comfortable. Give me an upvote with your iPhones, you will experience it.

In fact, it’s not that Android doesn’t have vibration feedback, but the vibration of the iPhone is too rich. The phone, Facebook, iMessage, email, and upvote are all different. Most of the mobile’s vibration motors can only control the duration of the vibration, and can’t control the time and intensity at the same time as the iPhone.

7. Fastest memory and flash memory.

Not to mention that nvme protocol is far faster than UFS in maximum bandwidth, the memory and flash memory read-write speed of the iPhone is far faster than any competing product, of course, its purchase price is also expensive. The iPhone’s fluency is not just due to IOS systems and A-series processors, but also high-speed memory and flash memory. iPhone applications open fast, flash memory is the first credit, followed by the processor. Apple has been “piling up” in flash memory to the extent of paranoia. It is similar to iPhone, iPad, and MAC. Even if the memory is full, it is difficult to use flash memory to make virtual memory. In many cases, it is difficult for you to detect that the system speed slows down.

Many people think that the speed of flash memory is only related to the transmission protocol, which is a big mistake. A mobile phone with nvme or UFS protocol does not necessarily have faster flash memory. In fact, the transmission protocol only determines the theoretical upper limit of the bandwidth. Which flash memory particle should be taken into account for each mobile phone. For example, mobile phones use arm instruction set processors. The performance of each processor is determined by its architecture, process, and other factors. It is impossible to judge its performance according to the instruction set of the processor.

Here’s a reference to PassMark’s disk mark rating. Let’s see how powerful Apple is in terms of “heap” flash memory:

Even the first-class level in Android camp is still only 60% of the iPhone.

8. Waterproof and dustproof

iPhone X-R is IP67, which can soak in water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. iPhone XS series is stronger, IP68, with a depth of two meters.

9. Body workmanship

The joints among the glass backplate, middle frame and screen are extremely smooth. The best touch.

10. Environment-friendly

From material selection to old equipment recycling to 100% clean energy-driven servers, apple is far more environmentally friendly than its peers around the world.

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