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Why Robert Lewandowski is not as great and successfull player as Cristiano Ronaldo?

by Sangam Adhikari

When thinking about Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of success, people generally mention Champions Leagues, Balon d’Ors, many of both. Lewandowski is a great striker, but what he has achieved until now isn’t comparable to what his colleague has. In his defense, very few can be compared with players like Ronaldo, Messi, Dani Alves, etc. in terms of trophies, they have won.

“Even though they’re playing in a similar position or role”

Lewandowski is a classic number 9, good with his feet too though. Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo slowly moved from being a wing to a well-rounded striker. Ronaldo probably moves more on the forward line than the Polish, however, it’s what goals they tend to score that makes the difference. CR7 usually impacts (not always, no one is perfect) big games, domestically and internationally. On the other hand, Lewa didn’t win Bayern crucial games in Champions League for example. Against Barcelona, when Guardiola was Bayern coach, he totally lost the duel against Suarez. When facing Real Madrid, even though some decisions may penalize his team, he again didn’t impact the way you’d want him to. Comparing their positions can make sense, but it’s how their goals affect some games that describe the difference between great players and top players.

“Style of play”

As mentioned before, Cristiano Ronaldo plays more as center-forward now as Lewandowski does, but their style isn’t that similar. While the Bayern 9 tends to link with his partners (Mueller, Robben or Ribery), Ronaldo relies more on his movements when he doesn’t have the ball. One frequent situation in Juventus is: he receives the ball, then serves Matuidi and starts sprinting to the box, so that when the French pass the ball to Alex Sandro who is gonna cross the ball, he’s already there. Both are great “matadores” but the way I see it, Robert Lewandowski plays more with the other strikers, whereas Cristiano Ronaldo looks for a space in which receive the ball and strike.

Lewandowski is a great striker, he even scored more than Cristiano Ronaldo this season! But both in terms of achievements, Ronaldo won in 3 different countries and internationally while he only in Germany and never a UCL, it is fair to say that for those reasons he isn’t as great as the Portuguese unless he’ll win Champions Leagues and at least be in the “talk” for best in the world.
In a Nutshell, Lewandowski is a great player, probably one of the best strikers of the generations. But, comparing him to Ronaldo is a stretch, especially when considering the fact they aren’t that similar.

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