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10 Mind-blowing facts about Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) You didn’t know

by Sangam Adhikari

Money Heist has been a huge hit all across the World and has surprised everyone with its wild success. It has gathered many fans who respect and adore the show. Today we present some interesting facts about Money Heist which even the most die-hard fans may have missed.

ALERT: Be aware of spoilers!

  1. Assessed as a flop: Yes, the world-famous show was considered a failure in Spain in the first season and was almost canceled after season 1.
  2. Behind the Success: Netflix picked up the show re-titled it as Money Heist and added it in its international catalog, which ultimately made it the success it is today.
  3. Top Viewed Show: Money Heist is the top viewed show on Netflix in six countries.
  4. Realistic Heist: The break into the Bank of Spain is as realistic as possible. The team did substantial research on the defense mechanisms of the actual Bank of Spain’s vault (because just like in the show, the vault in real-life floods itself in case of a breach). The makers even hired a marine engineer to help design the antechamber which can address the said defense mechanisms.
  5. Celebrities Fans: A lot of Celebrities has been a fan of the series, Stephen King and Neymar Jr are some of the most popular fans of the show.
  6. Neymar’s Cameo: Many celebrities have donned the red jumpsuit and the Dali mask. Neymar even made a cameo as a monk in Part 3 of Season 2.
  7. The show never left Spain: The show never left Spain while shooting season 1 and season 2. But Seasons 3 and 4, however, saw a significant boost to the show’s budget thanks to its acquisition by Netflix.
  8. The Mask: The iconic Dali mask is a tribute to the famous painter Salvador Dalí.
  9. The series isn’t written in advance: This may be the most shocking detail of Money Heist: The Phenomenon given how intricate the series’ many escape plans are. Scripts for the series aren’t written in advance. Rather they’re written alongside filming. This is so that the writers can better understand what a script calls for and adapt the direction of the series. So if an actor or director captures something truly remarkable onset, the show itself can change on a dime to double down on that new direction.
  10. Names of the Characters: Tokyo was the first character to get a name, Director and producer of the show Jesus Colmenar shared that one day Money Heist creator Alex Pina came to work wearing a shirt that had the word “Tokyo” printed in front. It was then Colmenar thought “Tokyo” would be the perfect name for a character. And in another 15 minutes, other names such as Moscow, Denver, Berlin came up.

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